Surviving Social Chaos

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Bo PerrinThose of you who listen to the alternative news realize that the fabric of our society is unraveling at warp speed. Social chaos is almost now daily a front page topic. Political and religious Progressives use groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party as well as various Marxist and Communist groups to promote and create social chaos within our churches and cities targeting authority figures and whites.

Social chaos involves any violence against society. Primarily, this seminar focuses on riots and home invasions. Social chaos is terrifying. The opening salvo of the chaos is so fast, intense and brutal it can overwhelm the police or the home owner. In Charlotte, NC the police were forced to withdraw during the first few minutes of the riot due to the mob’s intensity and brutality. Often, the home owner’s mind and body will shut down as the invaders violently break through the door, fanning out into the house taking hostages.

Surviving social chaos is not the same as surviving a grid-down situation, flood, earthquake or war. Therefore, this seminar is not about survival on that scale. Surviving a riot or home invasion requires a special set of tools and tactics. History proves that if you are not equipped with the proper tools and tactics to escape and evade any form of social chaos you or your family have a much better chance of becoming a victim.

Refuse to be a victim.

My Bio:

  • Minister working in Ohio
  • Former USAF Security (Involved in Rapid Deployment, Base SWAT, VIP Protection and Combat and Guerrilla warfare specialist)
  • Certified in Master Firearms Instructor, Defensive handgun, Tactical Shotgun, Night Shooting, Combat Shooting and Home Defense.
  • Student of the Systema (Russian Combat Arts)

For more info:


The seminar will involve a Power Point presentation including many the opportunities for hands-on experience.

Why Violence takes place

Definition of a riot and home invasion. (Needed for the proper tools)

Situational Awareness

  • Escape and Evasion Priorities
  • Every Day Carry Tools and Concealment (For home, body and car)
  • Moving Through a Crowd
  • Hot Wiring a Car
  • Lock Picking
  • Breaking Out of Restraints
  • Escaping from a Trunk, Duct Tape, Hand Cuffs and Flex cuffs
  • Early Warning System
  • Striking Techniques


The program’s length will last anywhere from four to six hours. The length usually depends on how many people want to do hands-on and questions.

Due to the length of the seminar and my own training, the seminar can be held anytime on Fridays and after 12 pm on Saturdays.


$35.00 per person payable a week before the event. Please make sure you want this training. There are no refunds.

The cost of fuel if necessary

Duties of the host:

  1. Procure a place to meet
  2. A projector screen
  3. Snacks if desired

References on request


If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at (330) 701-3570. If you call and I do not answer, please leave me a message. Thank you!

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