Home Defensive Combatives

The Reason For Home Defensive Combatives.
By Bo Perrin

Defending family. There are few things more important. Yet, the vast majority of Americans, even patriots with military service, do not have the proper combative training to rapidly take out insurgents protecting the family.

Yes, I use military terms to describe a “home invasion” which most view and describe as a merely defensive action. I realize that by definition when a person who is inside a structure is attacked by those who illegally enter he is in essence defending his life or the lives of family and friends. But I do not like using the term for a number of reasons.

First, the “Stand Your Ground” law has been under constant attack by liberals and neoconservatives but especially so since the Trayvon-Martin incident. The purpose of the “Stand Your Ground” law is to permit law-abiding citizens to ensure that their communities do not fall prey to criminals. Additionally, the law ensures that law-abiding citizens do not have to give up their freedom and live in fear of the criminal element. The “Castle doctrine” is the equivalent of the “Stand Your Ground.” Liberals want to take away from you the unalienable and legal authority to protect your family from insurgents, no matter where. It is interesting to me that we must even have a Castle Doctrine. My home is my home and my family is my family and no one, absolutely no one has the God-given authority to harm them. This includes not only a common criminal, but groups like the Crips or the Federal Government. I have the unalienable and legal right to take the insurgent’s life if necessary to make sure they do not take my or my family’s life. Yet, many, even some so-called Conservatives, today define the concept of “defending” as hiding in a safe house, calling 9-11 and hoping the criminal merely wants things not lives. My home is sacred space because it is occupied by my family. The whole house is a safe space not merely a single room. As such, I will defend the whole and if necessary terminate the insurgent(s) will extreme prejudice.

The question is, do you have the proper combative knowledge and training to secure your family?

Second, it has only been recently, historically, that the American people have been indoctrinated to rely upon civilians in uniform who carry a gun. Please, do not get me wrong. I have many friends who are members of the policing forces and the vast majority of police officers I am acquainted with do what they do because they do care. But the soul of the policing forces today is changing radically. The policing forces of America are quickly becoming para-military units equipped with armored personal carries, small tank-like vehicles and the power to merely ignore the Constitution. Additionally, the Supreme has ruled that the policing forces are not Constitutionally required to protect those who pay their salaries. But this may be as it ought since other than the Sheriff departments, city policing forces are not a Constitutional entity. It may be time to redefine and resize city police departments. This means we will have to redefine the role of the citizen. Nevertheless, the question arises, why ought we to put our lives in the hands of such institutions? The only time the policing forces have stopped a crime is when they just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, the reality is that the first line of defense for your family is you.

The question is, do you have the proper combative knowledge and training to secure your family?

Third, I am not merely defending my family against criminals. Yes, I am. Yes, they are. Nevertheless, those who decide they are going to force their way into my sacred space wherein lives my family are now insurgents. Most of those who will read this article understand what an insurgent is. I do because I was trained to be a guerrilla warfare specialists which is an insurgent. In Military law an insurgent is not treated as a soldier wearing a uniform fighting openly in on a battle-field. The fact is that many militaries of the world treat insurgents far more violently than a common soldier. They are usually not permitted the general coverage of the Geneva Convention and very often captured enemy insurgents are executed quickly if not on the spot after a very short trial if any at all. Anyone who invades my home is an insurgent. The phrase “home invasion” is very, very appropriate. If this happens, this means that my home has now become a combat zone in which I must meet force with force. I cannot assume that the insurgents are invading merely because they want things. They may want more! Because this is my sacred space, because this is the space in which my family expects to live freely and safely then no quarter is to nor will be given. Therefore, any insurgent who enters my home ought to expect a very aggressive assault with everything I have and am! But the successful outcome of any such aggressive assault will be determined by whether I have the proper training to be properly equipped with the proper tools.

The question is, do you have the proper combative knowledge and training to secure your family?

The Scope of Home Defensives Combatives.

Scope 1: A lot includes the house proper and the land the house is built upon. To properly “defend” the home the owner needs to know from where the threat is coming if possible before it reaches the door. If the threat reaches the door or invades the structure the owner needs to know how to aggressively attack and eliminate the insurgents. HCS teaches the homeowner how to properly segregate the property and structure into operational combat zones to aggressively confront the insurgent(s).

Scope 2: There are two possible scenarios for which each homeowner must prepare. One scenario is that an insurgent(s) is inside the structure while the owner is outside. The other scenario is that the owner is inside structure and an insurgent(s) is trying to gain access. HCS instructs the homeowner how to properly handle these two very different scenarios.

Scope 3: If the homeowner is to gain access to his house and clear it there are some very specific skills he must gain. The owner must learn how to properly enter a front door to gain entrance and begin the clearing process. The owner also needs to know how to use windows, flower beds, plants, dust, etc. to gain an idea of how many insurgents might be inside before attempting to enter. In some cases, the clues on the outside tell the homeowner he ought to call for help. HCS provides the homeowner insight into how to effectively use the outside of the house to gain clues about who might be inside.
Scope 4: If the homeowner is to be successful in combating insurgents who are attempting to gain or have gained entrance he must be properly trained to do the following. He must be able to properly circumvent the corners of the house. Additionally, he must learn how to properly approach closed doors to investigate a closet or room. Also, the owner must gain the skills necessary to enter and clear a room by navigating the “fatal funnel.” Basements are an especially dangerous obstacle to clearing a home also needing specific skills. One great danger to clearing a structure is closed doors. Often when clearing a home you have to bypass a door and clear the room later. How do you keep the door secure so you are not surprised by an insurgent? HCS provides the skills necessary to successfully clear the home.

Scope 5: The heart of combatives is weapons and tactics. HCS focuses on combat within a house structure. Therefore, the program is concerned solely with close combat battle (CQB) which is generally defined as the space from contact to about 30 feet. Due to space limitations CQB within a home structure is a unique combat zone demanding unique solutions. If a homeowner is to be properly prepared to effective terminate insurgents he must understand firearms, tactical movement, operating in low to no light environments and the most effective combat platform to deliver fire. HCS provides instruction in Colonel Applegate’s Point-Shoot continuum as the heart of the program. Additionally, HCS instructs students as to what is the best weapons (pistol and shotgun) to use for home “defense.” Finally, HCS equips the student to deal with low to no light situations which is the situation in which most homeowners will find themselves during a home invasion.

The question is, do you have the proper combative knowledge and training to secure your family? Join HCS for training and updates.

  1. steve says:

    I worry about mistaking a member of my family for an insurgent.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      It is a real issue. You don’t want to shot your wife who got in the middle of the night for a drink of water. There are two important issue with this very real fear. First, the fear of not knowing who you might be facing forces you to react for a short period of time to determine who is before you. If it is an insurgent this delay gives him a few seconds up on you. Practice using OODA.

      O: This is observation. To fight in a home invasion (which is close quarter combat) you have to see your insurgent.
      O: This is orientation. Once you see the person’s shape you ask, Who am I looking at? The only way to determine this is either by getting closer or asking a question like, who is there? Of course, if it is a member of your family they might say something when or if they see you coming toward them.
      D: This is decision. At this point you have to make a decision of what you want to do. Shoot? Stand down?
      A: This is act. Once you decide what to do, do it.

      The area between the two Os is the most important for your fear. As I said you could ask, Who are you? Of course, hopefully it is not the insurgent because you just gave away your position. Some would suggest using a flash light. In such a situation you point the light at the individual and then turn the light on and right off. Keep in mind two things. First, if it is the insurgent you just gave away your position. Second, you just destroyed your night vision. If you feel you want a light to use in such cases use a light that has a red lens. The red permits you to retain your night vision but you still have the first problem.

      You could train your family to communicate if they go out into the house at night and make a noise that might be interpreted as an intruder. It would wake everyone up but this is better than mistakenly shooting a family member. Just something simple.

      If it is merely a noise that gets your attention it is problem NOT a home invasion as it merely a burglar. In such a case, I would check the rest of the family rooms first. A home invasion will loud and violent. The door being burst open, the screaming of the insurgents, the screams of the family including possibly your own. In the event of family the noise is a mistake and they speak up because they are not trying to hide. In the event of a burglar the noise was a mistake, he is quiet because he is trying to hide to escape. In the home invasion the insurgents are are there to stay for as long as you and your family offer them a toy to play with.

      So, you can see that in such a situation there is not cut and dry answer only possible preparations you can make with your family. Anything else? Let me know. Thanks.

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