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Liberals whining again because patriotic Americans celebrate the 2nd amendment.
NEWS: RIGOP’s ‘rifle raffle’ sells out, raises $20,000
4:46PM Sunday
October 6, 2013

Participants shoot trap at the Second Amendment Celebration. Photo by Andrew Augustus, WPRO News

WPRO Newsroom

At the center of controversy throughout the week, the Rhode Island GOP hosted a Second Amendment Celebration to help raise money for the Republican Party. The fundraiser was held Sunday at the South County Rod and Gun Club and included a raffle of several firearms.

RIGOP’s Finance Chair Steven Tetzner told WPRO’s Gene Valicenti on the WPRO Morning News Monday that they raised roughly $20,000 at the fundraiser. All 3,000 tickets for the raffle, which included an AR-15 semi-automatic gu n, sold out in 72 hours.

“The only thing I think we would have done differently in hindsight is change the choice of the firearm that we raffled off,” Tetzner said.

Communications Director of the RI GOP, Michael Napolitano, said Sunday the event was never supposed to be a political statement. Tetzner said the idea of the event was to raise money for the party as well as give people the opportunity to shoot guns in a safe manner.

He said the party has hosted many fundraising events before and this was just an attempt to get the attention of a different demographic.

The winner of the AR-15 did not go home with the gun Sunday, and won’t receive the firearm until they complete the proper licensing and permitting paperwork.

“It could be 10 days to two weeks before the person has rifle in their possession,” said Rep. Doreen Costa in an interview with WPRO’s Tara Granahan. Costa, RIGOP’s finance director, said most shooting crimes are committed by people who don’t have rights to guns, not people who are properly permitted.

Costa said RIGOP plans to hold another fundraiser, a fashion show, in the coming months.

“I’m wondering if the fashion show will get as much press,” she said.

At Sunday’s event there were pistol and rifle range as well as an area to shoot trap. Each of the stations had officials from the South County Rod and Gun Club there to show participants how to shoot and also make sure everyone was following proper protocol.

Tetzner says events like this are common for other charities. He said there were two other events at gun clubs going on this weekend that were nearly identical to the Second Amendment Celebration, including a rifle raffle.

He feels the attention the event got was overblown.