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Well, here we go again. The liberals are doing everything they can to rewrite the history of the 2nd amendment and then lay the blame for all the deaths-by-guns at the feet of Constitutionalists. Always remember than only liberals can read history unbiasedly. Right. Read it but be ready to vomit at its stupidity.

How Fake 2nd Amendment History Kills
Friday, 20 September 2013 09:13By Robert ParryConsortium News | Op-Ed

False history can kill, as the American people have seen again in the slaughter of 12 people working at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. on Monday, when an emotionally disturbed gunman gained access to the military facility and opened fire, adding the site to a long list of mass-murder scenes across the United States.

Though the focus after the latest rampage has been on the need for better mental health detection and for better security at bases, the underlying story is again how easy it is for people in the United States, like the troubled Aaron Alexis, to obtain lethal weaponry – and how hard it is to keep guns away from dangerous individuals.

In that sense, the Navy Yard narrative is just one more bloody patch in the grim tapestry that stretches from Virginia Tech to Aurora to Newtown to hundreds of other locations where thousands upon thousands of innocent lives have been taken by gun violence in America. . .