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Senator Hegar named ‘Defender of Freedom’ by NRA

AUSTIN, TEXAS (KETK) — The Glenn Hegar Campaign announced today that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action presented Senator Hegar with the coveted ‘Defender of Freedom’ award. The award was presented last evening at the monthly meeting of the Houston Gun Collectors Association. ”

“It is an honor to be recognized by the NRA. As many Texans know, our right to bear arms is under increasing attack in this country. The Founding Fathers didn’t write the 2nd Amendment to fill space on their parchment, but to prevent the return of tyrannical government,” Hegar said. “During my legislative career, I have always fought tirelessly to protect and defend the rights of gun owners across Texas.”

During the event Senator Hegar received praise from some of Texas’ strongest 2nd Amendment advocates, Tara Mica of the NRA and Alice Tripp of the Texas State Rifle Association.

“I’m honored to present State Senator Glenn Hegar with the NRA Institute for Legislative Action’s coveted ‘Defender of Freedom’ award,” said Tara Mica, NRA-ILA’s Texas State Liaison. “It is our way of recognizing his outstanding legislative accomplishments in support of the Second Amendment, including but not limited to affirming the rights of employees and college students to store firearms in their private motor vehicles while parked on the job or on campus. Personal protection options for law-abiding Texans who commute to work or school would be far fewer if it weren’t for the determined efforts of Senator Hegar.”

“The Texas State Rifle Association joins with the NRA to congratulate Senator Glenn Hegar on this prestigious award. Senator Hegar is proven, tenacious, and hardworking. When it comes to protection in the law for hunters, for concealed handgun licensees, and the legal possession of a firearm in general, Senator Hegar is a rock-solid friend,” said Alice Tripp, Legislative Director of the Texas State Rifle Association.