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Obama Administration and some local sheriffs are trying to do an end run around the Second Amendment

October 09, 2013

Grassroots North Carolina, the most effective Second Amendment support group in the state has just issued a press release that details how the Obama Administration, and many local sheriffs in the state are attempting to do an end run around the Second Amendment. The press release in toto is posted here:

Months after a stinging loss in Congress after proposing the most repressive anti-gun legislation ever attempted in the United States, President Obama continues to push for gun control behind the scenes through several Federal and state agencies. The latest round of proposals being considered by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) will, if approved, restrict not only your ability to own and use suppressors and fully automatic guns through an NFA Trust, but they will also restrict your ability to own such legendary rifles such as the M-1 Garand and others through a blocking of the practice of the re-importation of such rifles.

NFA Trust Laws may end Class III ownership in NC

In a proposal dated September 9th, 2013, President Obama, through the BATFE has decided that all transactions using an NFA Trust should also be required to have the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) within your jurisdiction. Although changed slightly to remove an innocuous phrase, the concept is the same: Obama wants NFA Trust transactions to be approved by your CLEO before the transaction can move forward.

Why is this important? The proposed changes to Trust/LLC transfers will require a law enforcement certification when transferring any Title II firearm into a Trust or LLC, this includes suppressors, short-barreled rifles, and machine guns eligible for civilian ownership. Because most of the Sheriffs in North Carolina have locked arms together and simply refuse to sign any approvals for those items regulated in this fashion, they have effectively blocked any and all Title II transactions within their jurisdictions.

Just over a week ago, North Carolina law went into effect making it legal to hunt with suppressors. Many people are forced to go through an NFA Trust in order to obtain suppressors because most sheriffs in North Carolina will not approve the applications. Under this latest proposal from the BATFE, we will be right back in the same boat by having to beg for something which has little chance of being approved. So much for hunting with suppressors, right?

More importantly, proposed changes are open for public comments for 90 days only! Given that the proposed changes were entered in the first week of September, that leaves you less than 60 days to voice your opinion of the proposed changes! It’s imperative that you contact the DOJ/ BATFE now in order to have your opinion heard in this matter.

Obama blocks the re-importation of Curio and Relic rifles

In August of 2013, President Obama surprisingly (or not) decided to block the re-importation of several models of commonly owned military surplus rifles that could previously be obtained as Curio or Relic items such as the M-1 Garand! These and other rifles were originally shipped to allied and friendly nations and then were able to be purchased by US citizens as Curio and Relic items, as they are over 50 years old. Suddenly, the President decided to block the practice. Why?

As is turns out, it’s all in an effort to conform to the failed proposals that were shot down in Congress earlier this year. The M-1 Garand has a fixed magazine which can hold up to 8 rounds, but one of the main contentions of the Obama administration is that “high capacity” magazines should only be able to contain 7 rounds or less, as evidenced by recent laws adopted by New York and others proposed in several states. If the President had his way, guns would only be able to hold one round, if that. Too bad for him we are a nation that relies heavily on true common sense, and not fairy-tale visions of laws which contain no real value in terms of actual crime reduction.

It’s time to lean heavily on this administration and let him know that we will not sit back and let him pass proposals behind the scenes that have already failed several times over in Congress. Tell President Obama that We The People are watching close and will not be so easily fooled by his tactics.