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“Post-game” analysis on 2nd Amendment and HB436

kissWith a huge outpouring of support from citizens all across Missouri, and a rally in Jefferson City on September 11 that was attended by hundreds – Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB436) was our attempt to protect the 2nd amendment rights of her people. And although unfortunately failing by a razor-thin margin this past Wednesday, the high level of engagement from Missouri citizens working with bipartisan legislators in advancing liberty, was something our community will remember for a long time to come.

The story of HB436 really kicked off when it was initially approved by the House and Senate earlier this year, but was ironically vetoed by Governor Nixon on July 5 – the day after Independence Day. This from a governor who originally campaigned as being pro-2nd Amendment. However, legislators who understood the growing constitutional abuses from Washington, vowed to continue fighting for Missouri through seeking a veto-override. And while the House did indeed vote to over-ride Nixon’s veto – the bill was ultimately shut-down by one vote in the Senate. Yes, you read that right. One vote. . .