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As your Governor, I will protect your 2nd Amendment rights
I am a pro Second Amendment Marine and a pro Second Amendment American. I own firearms and my wife and daughters are trained to use them responsibly.

I believe it is a God given right to defend yourself and your loved ones from enemies – both foreign and domestic. I believe in our Constitution and I believe our government has no right to remove our right to keep and bear arms and/or make it nearly impossible for citizens to carry weapons, if they choose to do so. Law-abiding citizens should most definitely be permitted to conceal carry their weapons.

I am disappointed that the O’Malley Administration and our legislature enacted the Maryland Gun control law – the so-called Firearm Safety Act of 2013, which will work to make it more difficult for law abiding Marylanders to exercise their Second Amendment right. At the same time criminals and those who have no regard for the law can acquire weapons easily on the black market.