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What a fool. He is a musician. He makes lots of money. The vast majority of his songs are void of the proper moral standard and any reality. Yet, he positions himself as an authority on the 2nd Amendment. And then he threatens those live by the laws of this land?


In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder used his constitutionally-protected freedom of speech to lash out over the lack of new gun control laws and to criticize those who are pro-gun for “hiding” behind the constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.
Vedder said he cannot understand why Congress refuses to pass more gun control “to put a dent in some of this insanity that’s happening.” He said he is so angry over it that if he didn’t “take the aggression out” through music, citizens “wouldn’t want [him] having a gun either.”

I get so mad I almost wish bad things upon these people. But I don’t have to because it seems like they happen anyways. It seems like every week I’m reading about a 4-year-old either shooting their sister, their dad, their dog, their brother or themselves, because there’s f—ing guns laying around.

Vedder then criticized Second Amendment proponents for “hiding” behind the U.S. Constitution and the idea that owning a gun is “fun.”

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