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This is an interesting report. One thing which is odd is the FBI defines a “mass shooting” as the murder of four or more individuals. Why four? The FBI has show itself to be a political tool for the Obama administration and it is possible that such a small number might have been chosen to increase the number of “mass shootings” overall but to also tilt the balance of “mass shootings” toward non-public, non-gun-free zones.

Additionally, MAIG claims in this article that “mass shootings” in a public “gun free” zones are not really a problem since they only make up 15 percent of all “mass shootings.” Look at the heading of the article. It disingenuously claims that only 15 percent of all “mass shootings” happen in “gun-free” zones but then, in the article they add the term “public.”

But MAIG has never used “mass shootings” in homes (private) to further their gun control efforts. Rather, MAIG has always used public “mass shootings.” But in contrast Pro-2nd Amendment advocates have raised the issue that the public “mass shootings” have generally happened in “gun-free” zones.  So, MAIG believes the FBI’s report shows that the “gun-free” zone argument is false. 

Actually, MAIG fails to make its case. The contrast between public and private is meaningless since MAIG uses public shootings for their case. Also, the fact that some homes are not “gun-free” zones is meaningless because MAIG has used only public instances of such shootings.

Additionally, since MAIG uses only public “mass shootings” then they ought to have taken the 15 percent (public mass shootings) and from that determined how many of these shootings were in “gun-free” zones. Only then could MAIG make a determination whether “mass shootings” in “gun-free” zones were of no consequence.


Gun control report: 15 percent of mass shootings happened in “gun-free” zones

By Melanie Asmar Wed., Oct. 2 2013 at 12:50 PM
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Between January 2009 and September 2013, there were nearly two mass shootings per month in the U.S., according to a new report by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The incidents described in the report include the July 2012 shooting at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, which left twelve dead and seventy wounded.

The report (which is on view below) contains some interesting findings, including that 67 percent of mass shootings happened in private homes, with only 15 percent occurring in public “gun-free” zones.

“Contrary to rhetoric, gun-free zones are not the problem,” Mayors Against Illegal Guns’s communications director Erika Soto Lamb concludes in a statement.

Other noteworthy statistics from the report, which uses the FBI’s definition of a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people were killed with a gun:

  • In 57 percent of cases, the shooter killed a spouse or other family member.
  • In 11 percent of cases, concerns about the shooter’s mental health had been brought to the attention of a medical professional, school official or legal authority.
  • Assault weapons or high-capacity magazines were used in 15 percent of the incidents. But those incidents were among the most deadly, with an average of 14.4 people shot.
  • The shooter committed suicide in 43 percent of the incidents.
  • In 14 percent of the shootings, law enforcement or military officers were targeted in the attack or killed or injured while responding to it.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is among the most vocal national gun-control groups and actively campaigned against the recent recall of Colorado senators John Morse and Angela Giron, prompted by the lawmakers’ support of firearms-control bills.

Below, read the group’s entire report, which includes descriptions of 93 mass shootings.