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When you go from a light room to a dark room or when something goes “bump” in the night, are you comfortable operating in the dark?  Here are 3 quick tips to help you own the night.

First, don’t look directly at what you’re trying to see.  In VERY simple terms, your eyes see with “rods” and “cones” and the concentration of cones is MUCH higher at the center of your vision than it is on the edges.  The higher the concentration of cones, the higher resolution you’ll have and the more color you’ll see, but cones require more light than rods.  Put another way, you see best during the day with cones (center of your vision) and best during the night with rods (periphery of your vision).

That’s why, in a low light situation, you will have a blind spot right in the middle of your field of vision–right where you normally see the clearest.

Other than adding light to the situation, one of the oldest and simplist tricks you can do is to look slightly to one side or the other of what you’re trying to see.

Specifically, the center of your vision, and the sharpest part of the eye is called the fovea centralis and it has a high concentration of especially small cones (for higher resolution) and no rods.

The fovea centralis is next to useless in the dark and you’ll need to look 5-10 degrees (depending on your eyes) to the side of what you want to see for the image to land on the part of your eye where you have a high enough concentration of rods to actually see.

Second, the best way to get comfortable with an uncomfortable situation is repeated successful exposure.  If you can do it safely, this could be as simple as choosing to navigate through your house in the dark instead of with the aid of flashlights, night lights, or other light sources.  The more you do it, the more adept and comfortable you’ll be operating in the dark.

And, since roughly 60-80% of armed encounters happen in low light condition, make sure you’re practicing your armed and unarmed self-defense skills in the dark (or low light).  That’s why 25% of the drills in are low light drills–you need to know how to run your gun in the conditions that you’re most likely to encounter in a self-defense situation.

And third, I’ve mentioned Vision Gym before–which is a system of stretching and toning exercises for your eyes that can help you see more clearly without corrective lenses.

I’ve used the method that Vision Gym is based off of for the last 10 years and I’ve used Vision Gym exclusively for about a year and it’s a quantum leap above any other vision program that I’ve seen or used.

In short, the increased freedom that you have when you’re not dependent on corrective lenses is incredible.  Whether it’s being able to see clearly in the middle of the night without fumbling around for glasses, or not having to worry about losing your glasses and being blind in a self defense situation, the faster you can see and perceive, the faster you can take decisive action.

Now previous emails on Vision Gym have generated a LOT of feedback…including both praises from one guy who’s been successfully using similar eye exercises with shooters since the 70s and ANGRY emails from a couple of doctors who thought this was quackery.  I might be inclined to believe them if I hadn’t had such incredible results myself, but the fact is that it worked for me and for thousands of others.

Eric works with professional athletes from the Major League Baseball, NHL, UFC, and more, as well as Tier 1 tactical units and his methods and techniques ARE “out there”, but they’ve been proven to work.  In short, a lot of guys can talk themselves into training one elite unit one time, but you’ve got to deliver the goods to be asked back and referred.  Eric gets asked back and referred.

It’s worth your time to check it out…whether you want to be able to see clearly without correction or you have perfect vision and just want to be able to focus faster and more clearly, you’ll be glad you listened to me on this one.

Oh…and all of the stuff about aches, pain, strength, and reversing aging.  Don’t let disbelief about all of the side benefits get in the way of being able to simply see more clearly.  I KNOW it’s hard to believe, so don’t.  Just trust me on the vision part and see what happens on the rest.

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