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I’ve seen it time and time again in real life combat and in my later work as a bodyguard…

When it comes to surviving any crisis – no matter how much you train and prepare – events NEVER unfold as you expect them to.

This is especially true when it comes to surprise attacks.

In fact, escaping and evading ambushes is a key survival skill few ever really practice – yet we’ve seen it happen in flash mob riots at fairs… road rage attacks… and even “active shooter” scenarios where a madman shoots up a school or office building.

You don’t need to live in the Ukraine to experienced an “instant attack” like these and the fact is, they can happen any where… any time… to anyone, right?

To respond, you should always know several locations to duck for cover…

…how to shoot from different (awkward) positions…

…and ALWAYS have an alternative means of escaping your location.

That’s why, in our “Social Chaos Escape & Evasion” manual, we discuss a lot about how to use evasive driving techniques to escape an attack.

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As one simple example – one of the things most people forget is to always try to stay out of the middle lane when driving.

You see, if an attack happens and you need to hightail it out of an instant danger zone, you could get boxed in by the other cars and with nowhere to go, you’d be a sitting duck.

Instead, stick to the right side lane where you can speed out of an area (even over curbs and sidewalks if necessary) and get to safety.

This is something you can practice today (and every day!) even on your way to work or going out to run errands.

There are other evasive and evasion skills you should master as well, but the point is that how you set yourself up for being able to react quickly can mean the difference between life and death in a surprise ambush.

Always be mentally practicing your escape when out driving and should you ever need your skills in a real-life attack, they’ll be there!

Yours in survival, Jeff Anderson


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