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First, the ABA is merely a hotbed of liberal lawyers who believe it is their job to rewrite the Constitution through judicial activism. Also, notice that the group to whom this was assigned is the “Coalition on Ethnic and Racial Justice.” Really? This not about law nor protection but imposing their racial view on the nation.


ABA National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws to hold public hearing in Miami

WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 11, 2013 — In an effort to assess the effects of “Stand Your Ground” laws in the Southeastern U.S., the American Bar Association’s National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws will hold a public hearing from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, in Miami.

The task force was convened by the ABA’s Coalition on Ethnic and Racial Justice to review, analyze and assess “Stand Your Ground” laws, which exist, to some degree, in more than half of jurisdictions in the United States. In addition, the task force has been charged with examining the potential effects these laws may have on public safety, individual liberties and the criminal justice system.

Beginning in February, the task force held regional public hearings across the country. Thursday’s hearing will be the fifth and final regional hearing. Others were held in Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Local and regional expert witnesses and stakeholders, including law enforcement, prosecutors, public and private criminal defense attorneys and legal academics, have been invited to testify atHistoryMiami, 101C West Flagler St., Miami. Testimony may be given in person or in writing.

Confirmed speakers include:

Those who wish to testify may contact Rachel Patrick, staff director for the ABA Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice, at 312-988-5408 or via email at

The task force is made up of members from ABA entities, law enforcement, government, state prosecutors’ offices, public and private criminal practice, academia and other legal arenas.  Leigh-Ann Buchanan of Miami and Jack Middleton of Manchester, N.H., serve as co-chairs of the task force.

The ABA National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws is hailed as the prevailing independent leader on the legal analysis and social critique of the impact of state “Stand Your Ground” laws. The task force is uniquely qualified to analyze the impact of “Stand Your Ground” laws and the resulting effects of the expansion of justified use of deadly force on the criminal justice system and individual liberties, particularly those of systemically vulnerable constituencies.

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