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Homeowner thanks hero who nabbed armed teens


Godsall St resident Elaine Harris wants to thank the people who helped after a brazen home invasion.
Godsall St resident Elaine Harris wants to thank the people who helped after a brazen home invasion.Kevin Farmer

ELAINE Harris wants to thank the stranger who helped catch three teenagers accused of breaking into her house in a terrifying invasion.

Ms Harris owns and lives at the Godsall St home where two armed boys and a 19-year-old woman allegedly committed a bold daylight raid on October 16.

She was at work at the time, but her 22-year-old son Jake Harris and his girlfriend were inside when the incident occurred.

It is alleged the boys held Mr Harris and his girlfriend at bay with a knife and a baseball bat while the woman rifled through rooms, stealing a jar containing money and a wallet.

Ms Harris said her son chased the fleeing culprits after they fled the home.

He was only wrapped in a towel after coming out of the shower into the hold-up situation.

Ms Harris said a passing tradesman stopped and let Mr Harris into his vehicle and they took off towards the dead end of Godsall St in pursuit of the assailants.

She said a Toowoomba Regional Council worker also noticed something serious was unfolding and called police.

“The tradesman bought down one of the boys and Jake was able to hold the other,” Ms Harris said.

She said the fact that police had arrived quickly to take suspects into custody gave her some comfort in what was an unbelievable situation.

“It’s just crazy.”

She said she wanted to get in touch with the tradesman who helped her son.

“I really want to thank the council workers and just the community for standing up.”

To get in touch with Ms Harris, email stuart.cumming@ and your details will be forwarded.