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By Peter Nickeas Tribune reporter4:11 p.m. CST, December 31, 2013

Police are investigating whether the same men bound two women and ransacked their Northwest Side homes.

One of the incidents happened around 7:30 p.m. Monday and the other around 11:30 p.m. Friday, according to police. The home are three miles apart.

In the first incident, in the 5200 block of North Mobile Avenue in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, a woman heard a knock and, assuming it was her husband, opened her door. Two men pushed their way inside but the woman later told police she heard three different voices.

The men tied her with a cord they found in the home and put her in the back of the house while they ransacked rooms and stole money and electronics, police said.

In the second incident, a 67-year-old woman was hit in the face after two men broke into her home in the 3700 block of North Oconto Avenue in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. The woman freed herself from the restraints and ran to a neighbor’s home. The neighbor called 911.

The woman had bruises on her face but refused treatment from paramedics and told police she would go to the doctor with family members.

Police said the two attackers made off with jewelry and other items from her home.

Eddie Stare called 911 after the 67-year-old woman, his neighbor, ran to him for help.

“She said ‘Eddie, Eddie, they, they, I got robbed, I just got robbed!’ ” Stare told WGN-TV.

“I thought she came home and found the house ransacked and that’s when I started to go over there,’’ Stare said. “She said, ‘They tied me up and they beat me,’ ’’ Stare said.

Stare, alarmed, asked her if the intruders were still there but she told him they left. Stare called 911.

“I called police, they responded, tactical units, uniformed officers, they came in and talked to her, they got a Polish interpreter from the 17th District to come and speak with her. That was helpful,’’ Stare said.

“She speaks English fairly well but being nervous and everything, she couldn’t get the words she needed to explain herself,” Stare said.

Stare said though she was “shaken up” her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. “She had probably not a broken nose but they hit her in the face when she tried to get away, I guess they hit her with a gun on the bridge of the nose,’’ Stare said.

”It was cut and her eyes were swollen, she had some bruising and what not. But other than that she seemed pretty good. She‘s strong, she’s a tough lady, she shovels my snow for me. Very independent, lives alone, just a very nice lady and it’s very upsetting when things like this happen to nice people,” Stare said.

The woman told Stare the attackers “trashed the place, moved matters, dumped out dresser drawers. They dumped out everything,’’ Stare said.

Stare said he’s lived in the neighborhood for almost 20 years and though there is “some vandalism”  but he’s never seen anything like this.

“For 17 years we’ve been here, raised our family here, and this is the first time, “Stare said.

Stare said he wished he could have gotten there sooner to help.
“I feel bad I didn’t hear anything when it happened though. But all the windows were closed, I was watching the hockey game, and my kids they had some friends in the basement.”

No one is in custody. | Twitter: @PeterNickeas