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Woman abducted, husband beaten

Published: November 9, 2013; Last modified: November 10, 2013 12:07AM

Police said that they believe a debt, possibly one involving heroin, was the motivation for a home invasion and kidnapping that began Friday evening and ended Saturday morning.

During the South Side home invasion Friday, a man was beaten severely, his children locked in a closet and his wife bound and blindfolded before she was taken from their home in their car. She was found Saturday morning along Interstate 25, near Mile Marker 108 just north of the I-25 Speedway, said Pueblo police Sgt. Charlie Taylor on Saturday night. A report on the incident was not available late Saturday.

According to Taylor, three of four Hispanic men, speaking Spanish, forced their way into the home and placed the children, aged 2 and 5, into a closet. They were unharmed physically, he said.

The male victim was then severely beaten, most likely without the use of weapons, and the woman bound and blindfolded, possibly with duct tape, Taylor said.

“Neither victim or the children claim to know the abductors,” Taylor said. “When (the invaders) came in, they said it was so fast they did not know who they were.

“The female victim said she believed she was going to die. She was bound and blindfolded, so she could not tell us where she had been (during the abduction).”

Detectives were in contact with the kidnappers, speaking through the male victim. They were demanding a ransom for the return of his wife, 26. The suspects were still at large late Saturday.

Taylor said indications from the woman was that her husband owed the men money and it could have been for drugs, perhaps heroin, although police were still investigating.

The victims had no significant police contacts and were not generally known to law enforcement, he said.

But the perpetrators were acting in a very targeted manner during the incident, said Taylor.

“They obviously had a car (as well as stealing the victims’ vehicle) and the way they evaded us was a very organized, almost professional job,” he said. “We think this is an isolated incident — there is no previous pattern.”

Taylor said he did not know if the crime was the work of a drug cartel.

Reporter Ryan Severance contributed to this report.

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