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Home Owner Shoots Insurgent

Violent Home Invasion Caught On Tape

Cleveland Man Shoots Insurgent

Insurgent Killed. Family Condones his actions

12 Year Old Forced To Shoot Insurgent

Violent Home Invasion

Three Insurgents invade a home

Shot Him Again

Gun Battle: Two Insurgents Dead!

Insurgents turn themselves in

Four Insurgents Repelled

Four Or Five Insurgents Kidnap, Rape and Shoot Mom and Daughter

Five Black Men Murder White Family During Home Invasion

Armed Insurgents invade and one is dead

Elderly man dies due to Home Invasion

Insurgent caught on video

AR used to scare off insurgents

Insurgent arrested

Insurgents Abduct Teen after Home Invasion

Insurgent caught on Nanny cam

Insurgent killed by Home Owner

Gun Owner Stops HI

Knock Out “Artist” Is Killed in HI