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RACINE – A man in Racine shot an armed home invader.


And the intruder may have targeted the house because of a work injury.

Katielynn VanRemmen was driving to Racine when she heard about the shooting. She got really worried when she found out it was her brother who shot an intruder.

She believes her brother drew unwanted attention to himself because of  settlement money he got from a work injury.

“I think he was just showing off his cash,” explains VanRemmen. “And people in Racine don’t care. They’ll do anything for a little bit of money.”

“Yes, we want to stress, this is not a random act,” says Sgt. Jessie Metoyer. “This is a targeted victim and a targeted home invasion robbery attempt.”

Police say Jeremiah grabbed his shotgun to defend himself and his home.

The intruder was also hit, and is in serious condition at Froedert Hospital. As for Jeremiah, he hasn’t been home all day.

“His phone’s disconnected, so I just ran over here to see if it’s house and it is,” adds his sister.

Katielynn says her brother is hard-headed and stubborn, and probably won’t move, even though this happened.

“I’m glad he’s okay. I’m glad his girlfriend’s okay. I’m glad that he’s okay,” says his sister.

Police won’t say if that settlement money was the motive for the home invasion. It’s not clear if the intruder even knew Jeremiah.