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Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton Fires 2 Fatal Shots at Home Intruder – Now Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charge

In the wee hours of the morning on September 13th, Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton and his wife were entertaining guests at their home when an acquaintance of Mrs. Pinkerton’s came knocking.
It was 2 AM. After being told to leave by Matt Pinkerton, who closed the door, Kendall Green decided that he’d kick it in and force his way into the home.
Matt Pinkerton, having armed himself with his Glock17 9mm prior to approaching the door, then proceeded to discharge two rounds into Green.
Green was subsequently killed in an obvious act of self defense.
Matt Pinkerton with his sons
Matt Pinkerton with his sons
But the story didn’t end there, as it should have.
The district attorney’s office has now filed second degree murder charges against Sgt. Pinkerton.
You may be asking yourself under what pretext?
According to the DA, Pinkerton exhibited “bizarre behavior” by grabbing his weapon when an unexpected knock came to his door at 2AM that morning. And, because he failed to call 9-1-1 between the time Green kicked in his door and rushed him, he has now been charged with murder by the state.
Mike Pinkerton, one of the guests and brother of Matt, recalls the incident via Bullets First: . . .

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