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Mom, 4 kids held hostage during home invasion

by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News

Posted on November 30, 2013 at 2:36 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 30 at 5:24 PM

KINGWOOD, Texas – A mother and her four young children endured a 30 -minute nightmare as four armed suspects tore up their Kingwood home.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. Friday in the 21800 block of Whispering Forest Drive in the Kings Manor subdivision.

Sajida Shah heard knocking at the door. She noticed the man who was knocking was wearing what appeared to be a blue postal uniform.

He and three others stormed inside the house after Shah cracked the door open.

“He punched me, two, three times. Both my nose and my lip,” explained Sajida Shah.

Shah’s children, ages 13,11, 4 and 2-years-old, were also in the house.

The gunmen tied up Sajida Shah’s hands and legs and dragged her around the floor. They then bolted upstairs to wake up her kids.

“Then, they brought out a gun, all four of them. I was scared to death,” said 13-year-old Sameer Shah.

Sameer Shah was also tied up while the gunmen ransacked the entire second floor of the home. The thieves stole electronics, expensive jewelry and $7,000 in cash.

“I just kept quiet because I didn’t want to say anything stupid and get shot,” recalled Sameer Shah.

His three younger siblings soon came face to face with the same terror.

“They told me to sit on the couch and don’t look back because my mom was on the floor,” said 11-year-old Marium Shah.

Marium Shah feared the intruders were going to kill her mother, and there was nothing she could do.

Her father was away at work, at the Exxon gas station he owns in Cleveland.

“They took the money and the jewelry. That’s fine. What if they killed her? They could kill my other family members. They are crazy,” said the father Syed Shah.

Syed Shah said he believes his family was targeted because of his lucrative business. He thinks the thieves might have known that he keeps cash around.

“We came all the way from Pakistan 25 years ago. We work hard,” he added.

Syed Shah says Montgomery County deputies told him that the criminals appear to have been doing their homework and may have been watching him and his family.

It’s unclear how the thieves got away, and there are no solid descriptions of them.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest or indictment of a felony crime.  Call 800-392-STOP (7867). Anonymous tips can also be made through the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers web page at