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Victims testify in brutal home invasion case

Posted on October 22, 2013
Haisten Willis by Haisten Willis

The trial of a man accused of being involved a horrific home invasion began in Douglas County Superior Court on Tuesday in Judge David Emerson’s courtroom.
Dwight Blalock, 31, of Covington faces multiple counts of armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and possession of a firemarm by a convicted felon, and one count of first degree burglary. Another man who was arrested in the case, Emanual Christian Beague, plead guilty Monday and was sentenced to life in prison. Represented by Attorney Jonathan Pizza, he was sentenced with the agreement to render truthful testimony against Blalock.

The men allegedly banged on the door of an apartment at Stewart’s Mill Landing on Feb. 22 and identified themselves as police. Before the male and female who lived there could verify, the two forced their way inside.
The men reportedly beat the male resident, pistol whipped him and hog-tied him with an extension cord. The female victim, a hospice patient, was dragged by her hair down the hall while guns, a computer and cellphones were gathered by the suspects.
From the outset, the suspects made it clear they were at the residence in search of guns. According to police, the suspects took a Mossberg AK-47 and an AR-15.
Assistant District Attorney Sherrill Britt is prosecuting the case against Blalock.
“This man right here,” said Britt, pointing to Blalock. “He was involved in that violent home invasion.”
After the defendants left the apartment, Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Cadwell heard the alert and even though no description of the vehicle was given, he spotted a suspicious silver Honda Civic hybrid on I-20 at Thornton Road and got behind it. He saw two men inside that matched the descriptions of the suspects.
Seeing law enforcement, the suspects took off in an attempt to escape. The suspects led authorities on a high-speed chase, but when they couldn’t shake free, they eventually wrecked the vehicle in south Cobb County near Mableton in the area of South Gordon Road.
In opening statements, Britt said Blalock was a friend of the victim’s next-door neighbor, who knew the victim owned several guns. She also pointed out that Blalock was with Beague at the time of his arrest and showed the jury several text messages allegedly sent from Blalcock saying that he was “under a house” during the time period police were looking for the suspects and that he’d been in a chase.
The phone wasn’t registered in Blalock’s name, but it was found on him during the arrest and the number was the one he had given to the Newton County jail, Britt said. She added that cellphone customers can register their phones in the name of whoever they want.
All the weapons were found in the vehicle that the suspects fled the scene in after they ditched it to flee on foot. Also inside the car were two laptops and the victims’ cellphones. The car also provided a clue, as investigators traced the owner and from there were able to develop suspects.
During defense attorney Mac Pilgrim’s opening statements, he pointed out that there is no DNA evidence or fingerprints linking Blalock to the crime. And though Blalock was supposedly under a house, Pilgrim said there was no dirt on him when he was arrested.
“This is about what is, not what the state wants you to believe,” said Pilgrim.
The resident was badly beaten and bloodied in the attack. He was hospitalized and later released. According to the warrant, he was struck in the head, causing a large laceration on his forehead.
Both victims testified in court Monday.
The male resident testified first. He went through an account of what happened, and said he didn’t get a good look at the suspects before being “clubbed in the head.” Britt showed the jury the pants he was wearing, which now sport a large blood spot on the left thigh. The victim also said he talked to his neighbor regularly and had shown both her and her son his guns.
“My heart still races when I hear a knock at the door,” he said. “I usually keep a handgun with me now.”
The female victim was visibly shaken as she took the stand. The two are engage to be married and have since moved out of the apartment.
She said she could feel a gun in the back of her head during the encounter and is still shaken from the event.
“I don’t open the door to anyone,” she said. “I cry all the time, especially when (my fiancée) isn’t there.”
The trial will resume at 9 a.m. today in Emerson’s courtroom.