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Citizens Take Precautions as Home Invasions Increase in Del.
Posted: Oct 08, 2013 9:09 PM EDT

By LeAnne Matlach – email
LAUREL, Del.- Home invasions are on the rise in Delaware. So far this year, Delaware State Police have investigated 19 home invasions. That is the same number they investigated in all of 2012.

To help keep his family safe, David Naples installed eight cameras around his home in Laurel.

“We actually had a couple of thefts over the years that we’ve been here and it was a concern of my wife’s so we went ahead and put them in here,” he said.

Delaware State Police say systems like Naples’ can help.

“If you monitor that surveillance system and it’s out there, sure it’s a deterrent because any situational awareness or being aware of your surroundings helps out in these types of crimes,” said Sgt. Paul Shavack.

DSP say robberies are usually random events but home invasions are more targeted. The perpetrators usually know their victims and have planned out their attack. In most cases they are after money or medication.

Matt Wothers installs surveillance systems and says he’s been busy.

“More often than not we get a call out after there’s been a robbery it’s what brings it to people’s attentions. Homeowners have nothing to go on after something is gone and cameras is definitely the answer to that,” Wothers said.

For Naples, the cameras are a deterrent.

“Since we put the cameras up we really haven’t had any problems so sometimes just the presence of the cameras will be enough to deter any problems.”