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Home Invasions Have Neighbors in Fear

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(Clarksdale, MS) Charles Barnes Senior says he lives on a quiet street, but he can’t say the same for what’s going on a couple of streets over.

”I haven’t heard anything in this neighborhood, but over on Russwin around the corner. That’s getting close” he explained.

A few weeks ago a man woke up on Russwin street and found a man with a knife to his girlfriend’s throat.

Everybody escaped unharmed, but the incident added one more harrowing story to a growing rash of burglaries in the area.

The violence doesn’t just include homes in Clarksdale, neighbors say criminals shot up a local church a while back, putting nine bullet holes in the walls.

Police say they’ve investigated nearly a dozen cases, the most recent this past weekend. They’ve made an arrest, but the burglaries keep happening, which means they’ve got more work to do.

They believe they have enough evidence to make more arrests, eventually, but that’s small comfort to people here.

”People are scared. The break-ins in some areas, they go in spurts and people are scared. There’s hardly a weekend goes by in this neighborhood, which used to be a quiet neighborhood, where you don’t hear gunfire” said former Clarksdale Mayor John Mayo, who believes there’s nowhere to escape the violence.

Meantime, police say neighborhood vigilance, and good night-time lighting could help keep burglars away.

”That’s awful, you know, because you’ve got live in this and you threaten people’s lives when you go in their lives and invade them it’s dangerous” said Barnes.

So far, nobody’s been hurt or killed, and police say they want to keep it that way.