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Washington County Sheriff offers information on home invasions
October 21st, 2013 8:01 pm by BECKY CAMPBELL

Washington County Sheriff offers information on home invasions

A home invasion robbery in Washington County on Sunday was just one of several similar incidents in the region this year, local law enforcement reports said.

Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal said if someone enters your home and makes demands, victims should give the intruder what they want.

“We don’t have a lot of it, what you would call home invasions,” he said. “Give them what they want, pay attention to what they have on, what they look like and what they say.”

The voices of the two men arrested early Monday morning for the home invasion robbery on Pickens Bridge Road was likely what helped identify them, Graybeal said.

Although the two men were disguised with ski masks, witnesses at the home recognized the men’s voices.

Graybeal said if a situation turns to the point where a victim feels their life is going to be taken, “it’s time to fight.”

Graybeal said most home invasion robberies are caused by drug use.

“It’s probably related to drugs. These guys were not robbing this home to give (items) as Christmas gifts,” he said. More likely, the intruders intended to use the proceeds to buy drugs, he said.

Other incidents in the area this year include:

•  Feb. 10: A woman reported her ex-boyfriend entered her Johnson City residence and threatened to kill her at gunpoint.

•  March 7: Two residents in Mountain City were shot when armed intruders forced their way in the home. Three people were arrested in the incident. Police said the home of Arvil and Margaret Clark was actually burglarized four times. The last time was when the couple was severely injured.

•  May 7: Kayla Hodge reported her Johnson City apartment was burglarized while she was home. Hodge told police she was in her upstairs bedroom when she heard someone downstairs. She went downstairs and saw two men she did not recognize, one of whom pulled out a gun and ordered her back upstairs.

•  Tyree S. Ford, 3316 Watterson St., Apt. No. 84, was accused of forcing his way into the woman’s residence. He was arrested May 11.

•  June 12: A Carter County woman told police a black man and white woman came into her residence and choked her to the point she lost consciousness. The woman said her cell phones and $27 was taken.

•  Aug. 22: Four men are accused of breaking into a Johnson City apartment and assaulting the woman and man living there. There had been an earlier incident involving the four men and the woman outside the residence, police said.

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