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Home Invasion Crime Alert MADISONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) — Officers say two men kicked in the front door of a home on Merwin Avenue last Wednesday morning. The homeowners say they were held at gunpoint while the suspected robbers stole jewelry, money, and phones.  Cincinnati police released surveillance pictures today of a suspect they believe was casing the home earlier this month. Police say he’s around 5’10” and 160-180 lbs.  He had a buzz cut and either brown or dirty blonde hair, with a patchy mustache and goatee.  He wore glasses with black or dark earpieces.  The man may have a large chest tattoo and a deformed or damaged right ear. A loaded, “pistol-style” AR-15 was taken in the offense. If you know the man in the picture, call Crime Stoppers at 352-3040. VIDEO:

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