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Tonight several Hollygrove residents are in shock after finding out there was a home invasion on their block.

“Oh my God; I’ve never known anything to happen in this neighborhood like that,” says Ollie Moore.

Ollie Moore just found out there was a home invasion footsteps from her home. Moore says she didn’t hear a thing as her neighbors across the street were attacked and robbed.

Police say at around 11pm Tuesday two armed men forced their way into the home on the 8400 block of Apple Street damaging the door and shattering a window. Once inside reports show they pistol whipped the resident and told him to lie on the floor as they ransacked his house. Investigators say there was also a woman inside. She handed over her cell phone.

Tonight neighbors insist it is a quiet Hollygrove street, but several are making sure their front doors are secure.

Scooby says, “It could have been my mom. She stays on the same block just three houses down, three or four houses down. It could have been my mom too.”

“It’s pretty close to home for a home invasion and two young children here, by ourselves at night is kind of scary. It’s pretty crazy. They are a really nice family. They’ve invited us over for Thanksgiving and New Year’s,” says a neighbor.

“There’s so much happening now, I don’t know it just makes you scared. I’m glad they are alright and nobody got killed or anything,” says Moore.

So far no arrests have been made.

Police say make sure you lock your front door, don’t answer the door if you don’t know the person outside and be aware of your surroundings as you head indoors.