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20 Plus Schools in Ohio Make Changes to Allow Teachers and Administrators to Carry Guns to Protect Students
December 30, 2013 by Jonathan S.

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People in the gun control crowd are always talking about “common sense” gun laws before they attempt to ram through laws that are nonsensical and do nothing to stop the ones actually committing the gun violence.

With many left-wing lawmakers pushing for more laws to stop the lawless after the Sandy Hook school shootings, there are reports that at least 20 schools in Ohio are allowing school administrators and teachers to carry guns in their schools.

According to Buckeye Firearms,

There are at least 20 different school districts in Ohio that have authorized individuals such as teachers, administrators and parents to carry firearms in schools. The list includes rural, urban and suburban schools. It includes public, private and parochial schools. It covers small, medium and large schools and all grade levels. Those authorized include teachers, administrators and others. In short, it is a cross section of Ohio, and the United States of America.

Some of these districts took quick action and had authorized people carrying soon after the Sandy Hook killings. Others waited until the start of the current school year. Many are considering expanding their program to include more people as they realize there is great upside potential and almost no downside issues with authorizing good people to carry the tools necessary to stop an active killer.

One third of our respondents indicated they had armed persons in their schools at least some of the time. Most of those are School Resource Officers (SRO) who are law enforcement officers with additional training to deal with school violence. Most SROs are assigned to a specific school, but many split their time between multiple schools. About 20% of respondents said their school is frequented by uniformed police officers. Others are visited by plain clothes officers or have space available as a remote office for police in their school. Anytime police are present in the building, kids are safer.

If only more lawmakers had the same common sense as these schools that have seen the obvious fact that active shooters in schools are stopped abruptly when a good guy with a gun shows up on the scene.

The extra 5 minutes it took the police to arrive at the Sandy Hook elementary school allowed the shooter to continue with his rampage. As soon as he was faced with good guys with guns he shot himself. The Arapahoe High School shooter was confronted with a good guy with a gun after only one minute. The result? He shot himself before continuing with his intended plan of a wide spread massacre.

Turning a school into a gun free zone does nothing but stop the good guys from stopping these massacres while the spineless creeps of this world see it as an open invitation to wreak havoc with minimal resistance.

Law enforcement cannot be everywhere, and allowing law abiding citizens to arm themselves in the defense of our school children was seen as a necessary thing by many schools who took the survey.

29% indicated that anyone who can pass the same shooting qualification as police should be able to carry, and 49% indicated that those authorized by the school board should be permitted to carry. Only one response indicated that no one should be able to have guns in schools.

The article went on to say,

Time is the most critical element of the response and ability to limit the death toll. Many districts have studied the facts and realized that authorizing the good people who are already in their school to carry firearms is the best return on their investment for school safety and security. Many other schools are realizing that this is no longer just a fringe idea. There is comfort in numbers. As more districts authorize individuals to carry firearms, neighboring districts are finding it more comfortable to follow that trend.

There will come a time when the number of schools with armed persons is equal to the number of schools with fire extinguishers. It’s not about guns anymore than it’s about fire extinguishers. It’s about safety. It is understandable that most schools didn’t want to be the first to authorize people to carry guns. It will be far worse for those forced to defend why they were last.

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