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Mental health support, not gun control

12:16 PM 10/04/2013
Jeremy Kee, Research Associate, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Once the fog of war cleared in the U.S. Navy Yard on September 16th, facts surrounding who Aaron Alexis was and what drove his actions began to emerge. The focus shifted to the fact that Alexis was able to gain security clearance to a military installation despite his distinct history of mental disturbance. It was called a failure in security protocol. The real failure, however, lies in the fact that someone in such desperate need of help slipped through the cracks with such ease.

Though all the facts have yet to emerge, it appears Miriam Carey, the woman who was shot dead by police after leading them on a chase from the White House to the Capitol yesterday, may have as well.

Commentators were quick to attribute Alexis’ rampage to lax gun regulations, until it was discovered that only a single gun, a shotgun acquired legally, was intended to be used. No political or religious motivation was found. Simply put, this was a case of mental illness being allowed to fester. Blame cannot be assigned to his parents, or to the 2nd Amendment – two popular scapegoats in situations such as these. Rather, blame must be portioned out to the true guilty parties: Aaron Alexis, and the mental health system that let him down.

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