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Arguing With Idiots

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Arguing With Idiots, Commentaries

Arguing With Idiots: A 2nd Amendment Primer
Sep 21st, 2013 by 


By: Gerald Loeffers

With the Navy Yard shooting fading away in the race baiting memories of the liberal media, I thought we should give them a lesson in history as well as politics. We know the media was so eager to be first with the story that they got both the weapon use wrong, as well as the ID of the suspect. They did this two to three times over and one CNN reporter even breathlessly reported that an AR-15 shotgun was used. Many of my pro-gun Facebook friends made fun of this and rightfully thought that CNN was making crap up. Many of them didn’t know that there are two brands of AR-15 platform shotguns out on the market. When the dust had settled, the real suspect was found and killed. We lost 12 people and we found out that the suspect was a discharged Navy Reservist with a history of mental illness and emotional control issues. He had an arrest record as well. What was even weirder is some of the staff from Glenn Beck’s network at THE BLAZE knew this guy at the restaurant where he worked. They went there often. And the staff didn’t notice anything wrong with the guy… he was always working and they found out later that he was spending all his free time with video games, like Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft. A 34 year-old man! Time to dump the video games dude. Some in the media back peddled, but not many and not enough of them even called to apologize to the wrongfully accused man for their screw up about him. Then the usual political hacks didn’t let this tragic event go to waste. With the information that the suspect was a black man, all their hopes for a white guy, TEA party member faded away. . .