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So, once again, the liberals, who claim to be smarter than either the founders or Constitutionists, tell us that our interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is wrong. Mr. Janu is no scholar and shows it in this article. He begins his article by claiming that those who argue that the 2nd amendment is to protect Americans from a tyrannical government is supposedly based on myth and ignores the facts.

Instead, he has conjured up the idea from the depths of the witch’s caldera that the 2nd Amendment was actually created to protect the government. His fails in interpretation for numerous reasons. First, he argues the old worn out liberal belief that the 2nd amendment is concerned only with state militias not individuals. His goal is not merely to show Constitutionists and the NRA are wrong but to provide evidence that the 2nd amendment is outdated. Why? Because it is tied to a state militia concept which is no longer needed because of a standing army. He also fails to divine the purpose of the Bill of Rights. If he had properly read his history without his liberal glasses he would have noticed that the Bill of Rights was a considered a line in the sand that the Federal government was not to cross. So, the founding fathers did not create the 2nd amendment to protect the Federal government but rather the American populace from the Federal government if necessary.

Isn’t funny, how a group of people (liberals) can so hate the military and yet, be willing to extol its virtue to get rid of the 2nd amendment. Despite Janu’s attempt to marginalize the founders, the founders are crucial to this argument because they are the ones who give us presently the means by which to understand why the Bill of Rights of was added.

OpEdNews Op Eds 9/24/2013 at 14:23:08
Protection from Tyranny? The Second Amendment as a Means to Protect the State, Not Overthrow It
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The nations bulwark. A well disciplined militia (1829) by Library of Congress

For the first decade as a free nation, the United States was governed under the Articles of Confederation.  The national government was merely a one-branch system:  a unicameral Congress with very little power.  There was no national executive nor was there a national court.  Under this arrangement, the states reigned supreme and the national government lacked any sort of coercive power.  Congress could pass laws but did not have the power to enforce laws.  When disagreements arose among states, the national government lacked a mechanism to help solve those disagreements.  States going to war with each other was not a far-fetched notion. (1)