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So, our illustrious Monarch-in-chief told the CDC to investigate what is called “Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence.” It only cost a measly $10,000.00 of tax payer’s money. I don’t think he is happy. Here is a summation of what the report found:

1. Armed citizens are less likely to be injured by an attacker:

2. Defensive uses of guns are common:

3. Mass shootings and accidental firearm deaths account for a small fraction of gun-related deaths, and both are declining:

4. “Interventions” (i.e, gun control) such as background checks, so-called assault rifle bans and gun-free zones produce “mixed” results:“Whether gun restrictions reduce firearm-related violence is an unresolved issue.” The report could not conclude whether “passage of right-to-carry laws decrease or increase violence crime.”

5. Gun buyback/turn-in programs are “ineffective” in reducing crime:”

6. Stolen guns and retail/gun show purchases account for very little crime:

7. The vast majority of gun-related deaths are not homicides, but suicides:

Given the CDC’s prior track record on guns, you may be surprised by the extent with which the new research refutes some of the anti-gun movement’s deepest convictions.

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