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LAMBRO: Obama clings to his gun-control issue

The root cause of most mass shootings is mental illness
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It is alarmingly evident by now that Barack Obama’s presidency is drifting as he clings to his party’s ideological beliefs and narrowing base of support in a sea of troubles.

He began his second term with no core agenda, except to continue playing the role of the nation’s chief executive, paying lip service to the problems confronting our country, making excuses for his failed policies, and ignoring reality when it didn’t fit into his government-centered mindset.

A most shameful example of this came Sunday when Mr. Obama delivered a memorial address near the Washington Navy Yard, where 12 people were fatally shot by a Navy contract worker with a record of psychotic, violent, gun-wielding behavior.

The tragedy of the Sept. 16 shootings, beyond the loss of so many lives at the naval facility, was the shocking fact that many government agencies knew about the gunman’s violent past, but he was given security clearance to military bases anyway.

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