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It is beyond obvious to mention that this website is concerned with being properly prepared to aggressively confront insurgents during a home invasion. So, let me share with you some important aspects about home invasions.

What is a home invasion?

Actually, there is no real definition. Only a few states actually have home invasion laws with Pennsylvania being the most recent. In fact, “home invasion” is not a federally offense. Rather, insurgenthome invasion is a popular term used to describe the structure in which and when certain crimes take place that focus on the residents. Generally, a home invasion happens when an insurgent violently enters into a home structure to commit a crime when the occupants are present. Generally, an insurgent is charged with aggravated robbery, rape, kidnapping, assault or homicide. A home invasion differs from a burglary in that a burglary is crime of opportunity in which the criminal breaks into a home without the occupants present solely to steal and leave. A home invasion is well thought-out attack.

So, a home invasion is a crime in which the insurgent(s) violently enter a home structure to commit a crime while the building is occupied.

Is Crime Increasing?

Interestingly, if look at a lot of websites the answer is maybe! Actually, it is yes. FINDLAW argues that according to FBI stats for the last five years reported violent crimes have fallen nationally. Some forms of crime have fallen over a greater period of time like property crimes.

Since 1993 violent crime has fallen a stunning 65 percent. You can read the dramatic fall of other forms of crime if you like at their website. (1) But FINDLAW astutely points out that these stats represent only crimes reported to the police and only about HALF of all crimes Crime statsare actually reported. There is another measurement which is not often reported and that measurement looks at both reported and unreported crime. What happens when we look at this measurement?

Well, according to USA Today violent crime has dramatically increased 17 percent in 2012. (2) This reversed a general decline of twenty years. One of the crimes that increased was home burglaries which is the heart of a home invasion. Of course, USA Today being USA Today only interviewed members of the Justice department who claimed this was an anomaly. But why should it be? America is in the worst economic shape it has ever been and the economy has always been the number issue that determines the rise or fall of crime.

I have read a number of liberal websites who argue that the “home invasion” is a myth. They agree it does happen, somewhat, but not according to the amount claimed by pro-2nd Amendment groups. Of course, these liberal groups do have an ulterior motive. Pro-2nd Amendment groups argue that one reason guns ought to be permitted is because crime is increasing especially home invasions. The anti-gun groups believe if they can provide evidence that crime is not increasing, then what logically follows is there is no greater need for weapons especially guns. The home invasion argument is not a myth but reality.

The Profile of an Insurgent

Chief James Hurley of the Fernandina Beach Police argues that the profile of a insurgent is unique. (3) A resident burglar avoids confronting victims, enters covertly, tends to work alone and targets empty dwellings. Generally the amount of violence is low, dark clothing is worn and there are multiple threats the burglar must face and overcome. This is  stealth crime of opportunity.

The insurgent is different. Confrontation is the key element of a home invasion. The Home insurgentsinsurgent chooses the resident not the residence. The insurgent enters directly and violently into the home, carries tools of domination and intimidation and most really enjoy what they are about to do. Often the home invasion is accomplished by more than one insurgent, the insurgents are well organized and task specific. The insurgents are also not controlled by time. Usually, when insurgents enter the alarm is turned off and it is during a period of the day in which there is not much foot traffic to the door. They can take their time to do what they came to do.

Additionally, apart from the Chief’s description, insurgents are always armed. If an insurgent is invading your home while you are in it they are there for you not your possessions. These individuals are fearless and will do what needs to be done to achieve their goals. Since, the homeowner might be armed, big or strong the insurgents will be armed and they do not have to worry about the moral considerations the homeowner does. The insurgent is a vicious animal.

When Do Home Invasions Generally Occur?

Most home invasions seem to generally happen around 2 p.m. and between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The first time period might seem odd but most mothers are putting their children down for a nap while they might rest as well. The second time period tells us quite a bit. First, the time period tells us that most combat in an home invasion takes place during low-to-no light environments. This means that our tactical training must take low-to-no light situations into consideration. Second, the time period tells us that most home invasions will take place when we are relaxing say watching T.V., getting ready for bed or asleep. This means our tactical training must prepare us to go from white or yellow to red.

Should You Give In?

Under general circumstances, the most sane thing to do is to give into the demands of a criminal as long as it does not mean you will be killed. If you are at an ATM and a robber comes up behind you and demands your money if you do not have a tactical advantage give the criminal the money.

But I believe the insurgent is different. As the Chief mentioned he is unique among criminals. If the insurgent is able to tie you and your family up then he now has the time and power to handgundo to your family whatever it is he wants. You are powerless! You will not be able to stop your wife’s rape, your daughter’s rape and possible murder. You will be forced to hear their screams as they cry to you for help and yet, you are helpless. I know that you might be saying to yourself this is a bit over the top. Before you do search the web for stories of home invasions in which what I just described happened.

Never, never under any circumstances give into the insurgents. Don’t be stupid or rash but do not give in. But the only possible way you defeat the type of criminals that have been Owneddescribed is by being prepared yourself. You need to be prepared mentally, spiritually and combatively.

God bless, Bo.



3) City of Fernandina Beach