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Home Combatives Solutions
The home invasion is a different species of combat. You need a different species of techniques to survive.

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Crime rose overall 20% in 2011 according to USA Today, Fox News, CNN and the New York Times. This is to be expected with the moral decline of our nation’s populace and her servants. One category which has dramatically increased is the home invasion.

A home invasion is the scariest crime. Such an act targets you and your family first and your possessions second. Often, very often, the insurgents, once you are subdued, believe that your family are their play toys and usually do not leave witnesses. Additionally, these invasions bring actual combat conditions right into your living room. The invasions are so violent, so quick that the first thirty seconds will determine your family’s future. This is called close quarter combat.

The main stream media does not often speak of the home invasion. A property crime, home invasion, happens every three seconds in America so you would think that it would be front page news. Some authorities believe the reason the home invasion is not front page news is because if the public knew how often these events take place and the increasing violence that is associated with them they would panic.

New Jersey 101.5 had the guts to ask, “Are home invasions becoming the attack of choice for violent criminals in South Jersey?” The author believed the answer is yes. This is the answer we are receiving from across the country. Victor Swindell stated, “I’ve written often about home invasions, and this is because home invasion robberies are one of the fastest growing crimes in this country.”

So, the question is, Are you properly prepared to aggressively confront insurgents during a home invasion? The average American is not even if they have had weapons training or possess a Concealed Weapons Permit. The reason most Americans are not prepared is they have not been properly trained in close quarter combat. This seminar will introduce you to everything you need to successfully confront insurgents.

Seminar Topics:

The Make-Up of A Home Invasion
Concentric Defense System for Structural and Personal Security
What To Do If The Insurgent Gains Entry
Facts About Close Quarter Combat
The Physiological Response To Close Quarter Combat
The Proper Shooting- and Opened Hand-System To Repel The Insurgent


Available on request


Available on request


The seminar is about 2 or so hours. The cost is $200.00 plus gas if necessary.

If you would like to set a date for this seminar please contact me at either the email or phone listed in the flyer’s heading.