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Being Tied Up In A Home Invasion

By Bo Perrin

Bo Perrin

If insurgents enter your domicile while you are home then only one of two things has happened. Firstly, they made a mistake and did not realize you were at home. In such cases, the insurgents invaded your home to burglarize it but not to harm. The insurgents have two possible responses. They can run or they can change their strategy and attack. Of course, this assumes that you have not opened fire if you are armed. Secondly, they invaded knowing you were at home and you are their object. Do you get that? When insurgents invade a home knowing the owners are present, it is because they are targeting you and your family. You not your TV is the prize.

Before we look at one possible scenario in a home invasion let me say the following:

1) Never open a door at night to anyone unless you know them (even then be careful)

2) If you go to the door to answer a knock during the night, go locked and loaded. Hide the weapon on the side of the door where the “visitor” cannot see it.

3) Better yet, whether you have a weapon or not take a small house knife and hide it in your hand. If you are attacked immediately strike the trac, eyes or jugular. If you cannot get a knife almost every male carries a set of keys in his pocket. These are sharp enough to destroy the eye or cut into the throat. I carry my keys between my belt and pants on my gun-side hip. Yes, I am constantly worrying if I will lose them but if I am attacked in CQB I can strike within a second.

4) Do not try to counter his moves. Forget any martial arts because in such a situation it will get you killed. Do not counter but rather strike, strike and strike again his trac, eyes or jugular.

5) As a side note to #4, do not try to overpower the insurgents. Often, the insurgents are drugged out. They may be weight lifters. But more often than not there are more than one of them and their combined strength will overpower you.

6) Do not stop fighting! Even if you are wounded do not stop fighting. Even if you smell your Frogown blood do not stop fighting. Attack over and again the eyes, trac, throat and jugular. Your life, your family’s life, depends on it.

Now. One thing that will happen during the second scenario is that you will be tied up. The insurgents will tie you up so that they can go through your house looking for valuables at their leisure. Additionally, they will tie your family up so that you will not be able to interfere as they rape your wife or daughter(s) or torture your family. They will tie up your wife and daughters to make it easier to rape them. What will you be able to do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, except listen to their cries as they are raped again and again and eventually murdered through the flow of your tears.

Not in my family despite any law or Progressive.

There are two general categories of materials that insurgents seem to use to tie up victims: metal and non-metal. Non-metal items are usually things like rope, duct tape and plastic ties. Handcuffs are the most used metal items by insurgents. You will notice that you can only escape from each category by different means. If you are properly prepared it is possible.

All the non-metal items can be cut. Have you seen Air Force One starring Harrison Ford? He is the President and is captured by some terrorists. The terrorists tie him up using duct tape. While he is getting beat up he falls to the ground and with the presence of mind he is able to grasp a small piece of glass which he uses to cut the tape. This is the mentality a person must have during a home invasion. If you are tied up the insurgents are not going to allow you to wander around the house. So, if you are to escape you must possess something sharp prior to being bound. Of course, if you have such a weapon on you then the insurgents should never have been able to get this far. It does not take a very sharp or Knifelarge item to strike the eye or slash the jugular. But I digress. A small relatively sharp razor knife can be kept in your pocket and has many uses. After being tied, assuming you are still conscious, you can reach in your pocket and cut what binds you. Of course, almost every insurgent will tie your hands behind your back so the best place to store the razor knife is somewhere on your back with the exception of the back pocket because that is too obvious.

The metallic items cannot be cut but as in the case of the handcuffs you must either know how to escape them or have a key. Actually, having a key is simpler. There is a company thatKey makes a plastic universal handcuff key which is inexpensive that can be used for such a time as this.

Your goal in the midst of a home invasion is to win! Nothing but nor less. You must use whatever is at your disposal and if you look around your living room you will find many, many articles that can be used combatively. Shot if you can. Strike if you have too. Eyes, trac, throat, ears and jugular must be the target. But if the worst happens and you allow yourself to bound you must realize that all is not lost if you have prepared properly. The question is then, are you properly prepared?

Thank you for reading. Bo