My name is Bo Perrin. Presently, I am a minister working in Ohio. I am married to Deidra and have been since August 29th, 1987. This may sound strange but after I left the USAF I did everything I could to remove myself from guns, combat, etc. But Obama’s election changed all that for me as I am sure it did for millions of Americans. I have an MA in Political Science and spent quite a bit of time studying and educating people about Islam. (1) Between now and Obama’s first election I played with weapons, tactics and survival but recently I decided to put it all to use. In doing so, I have created the Home Combatives Solutions.

I am a former USAF Security police officer (Law Enforcement). I spent my time at Ramstein Air Base, Germany in the 86th SPS. There were three events which formed me during this time.  The first was at the time America was still involved in the cold war with now defunct USSR. Ramstien AB is very close to the old West/East German border and it was estimated that the base would be destroyed within minutes of hostilities. The second event was a terrorist attack on 31st August, 1982 by the now defunct Red Army Faction. The RAF was neo-Marxist terror/political entity which ran wild during the early Eighties. Eventually, the Germans crushed the group. Additionally, this era was a time when numerous nationalist groups were kidnapping political and military leaders, bombing soft targets and generally causing chaos when possible. The third event was the continual worldwide conflict between the US and USSR as the two battled over ideology using state-run or stateless entities to grab land. We were often on high alert because of the on-going threats to our national interests.

As an SP I was trained in all the normal weaponry and tactics the USAF made available to the SPs. The conditions I described above compelled me to take my duties a bit further. After the terrorist attack, the Colonel in charge of my outfit created a VIP protection program in which those who were a part of the unit would travel off base with high-ranking civilian and military personal to provide CQ protection. I was a part of this unit. Since the life expectancy of the AB was very short in the event of a USSR attack, the Colonel also decided to asked the 10th Special Forces to train some SPs in the nuances of guerrilla warfare. The purpose was simple. After the USSR attacked those of us who were Guerrilla warfare specialists would simply melt into the German forests and do as much damage to the Soviet war machine as possible. Due to this specialized training I was also a part of, what was then called, the Rapid Deployment Force. We are prepared to be inserted into a hostile environment within 72 hours. One other reason I was chosen for this duty is because I was a Combat-specialist. After SP training some were chosen to go to combat-training. This is training is vastly different from the combat-training that Marines or Army personal received. Rather, this combat-training center on protecting ABs through perimeter defense and interestingly, the principles I was taught fit very well with home defense.  As if I didn’t have enough to do I was a member of the Base SWAT as well. I was chosen by my Colonel to cross-train with the US Army Rangers but due to budget cuts that did not materialize. Instead, I was chosen to join with a group of SPs who were chose from all the SPs in Europe to come back to the States and compete with other SP groups in rifle, pistol and tactics.

As a civilian I did some time within various disciplines of martial arts but I never really took to it. The SP training involved non-lethal, come-along methods to subdue a perp. Eventually, I found Target Focus Training (TFT). The program was begun by a Seal and is useful and I thought seriously about becoming an instructor. Yet, the those in charge decided to limit who could become an instructor.

systema2Eventually, after a lot of investigation, I discovered Systema. Systema is also known as the Russian Martial Arts or Russian Combat Arts. It is an extraordinary system which promotes health as well as the ability to fight using the same movements. Unlike TFT Systema goes back to the 10th Century and is taught primarily to the Russian Spetsnaz (Special Forces). I believe Systema is a formidable art which excels all others. (

It took me a while to figure out the niche I wanted to be involved in. I looked at my training and realized that training did not really prepare NRAme to be a “combat soldier” say as a Marine or Army infantryman. Instead, my training prepared me generally for (1) Close quarter battle (CQB), (2) hand-to-hand, (3) perimeter defense, (4) weapons knowledge and tactics for CQB, (5) urban warfare, (6) room-to-room combat, and (7) infiltrating enemy defenses. These are the very qualities needed to teach others how to aggressively defend protect their families and friends from intruders within the confines of their properties. Therefore, the Home Combatives Solutions.

Everything you would like to know about Home Combatives Solutions is found in the pages at the top of the blog’s home-page. Additionally, the site will contain news items about various gun related issues or groups to help keep you informed about the unConstitutional attacks against our unalienable rights to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves against any intruder including the Federal government.

(1) Islamic sites:, and

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