Chicago Murder Capital of US

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Chicago Murder Capital of US, Commentaries

Gun Control Capital Chicago Also Named Murder Capital of US, New York Runner Up
September 20 2013
by Dan Cannon
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As we’ve seen in recent shootings, taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens only creates targets for those who would inflict harm and violence on others.

No cities in the United States have stricter gun laws than Chicago, New York and Washington DC.

This week the FBI has named Chicago the murder capital of the Unites States. In a city and state where firearms are as tightly regulated as some European countries, gun control advocates are left scratching their heads. . .


  1. jcoles says:

    We on the side of the Founders’ “Classical Liberalism” which is diametrically opposed to the pervasive government liberalism seen today, have talked to & responded to the arguments of those PGLs until we’re blue in the face. What is clear are these points:
    1. PGLs are both incapable of, & unwilling to to accept reality as it is.
    2. PGLs are arrogant, and dismissive of any thoughts other than their own ideology, and while they profess to have empathy with the ‘downtrodden masses’ they have no sympathy for those at the bottom and see them as nothing more than tools to use in the conquest of America.
    3. PGL dogma has created or worsened every political-social-cultural-economic problem in American society. PGLs use the problems they created as props for justifying their restrictive & oppressive policies without regard for their real impacts on real people … in short, they don’t care if Black, Brown, Yellow & Red people butcher each other so long as the carnage advances their reach for power.

    The violence in these heavily minority race cities is of no consequence to PGLs … they will not take actual actions to reduce the violence because it aid their insane narrative of social intervention by an expansive, activist government under their exclusive control.

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