Posted: February 6, 2014 in Commentaries, Tips

By: Bailey Myers
December 23rd, 2013

Tallahassee FL- That beautiful Christmas tree in the living room may be attracting the wrong kind of attention. It’s part of the reason home invasions, burglaries, and robberies tend to go up this time of year.

We spoke with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office today and they told WCTV every year they have to increase patrols in neighborhoods hit by burglaries. This year is no different, but they did say there a few things you can do to ensure your homes safety.

Keeping your doors unlocked could make you a target for burglars. That is the first thing Leon County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Todd Lombardo explained, “One thing they can do is to lock their houses and their vehicles before when they are not attending them.”

Locking your door is the first step to protecting your home. The second is making sure everything else is secure. As one Tallahassee Home Depot employee explained, “They (burglars) usually don’t pay much attention to your door locks if they can get through your windows.”

Here are a few tips to prevent your home from becoming a target:
1. Reinforce your doors and windows with special brackets designed for windows, sliding glass doors or door handles.
2. Use a motion sensor light out side that goes off whenever something moves outside your home.
3. Equip doors and windows with loud beeping sensors.
4. Trim shrubbery surrounding the doors and windows of your home to create an easier view for neighbors to spot suspicious activity.

According to Lombardo, the best way to stop a burglary is to, “Talk to your neighbors talk to people tell them to keep a watch out if you are leaving town have somebody come check your house.”

Now these suggestions are no guarantee your home wont be a target but hopefully they will help protect your home.


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