Guns Soar Due To HIs

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Guns Soar Due To HIs, Home Invasion Stories

With home invasions and other robberies on the rise in and around Indianapolis, gun store owners say there is a “large increase” in the number residents who are “buying guns, applying for gun permits, and taking gun safety courses.”
RTV6 ABC reports that these guns are being bought for self-defense.

Trade Post gun store owner Brian Ludlow said the home invaders “aren’t coming in and being nice about it.” Rather, “most of [the] criminals are armed when they come in. So by arming yourself you level the playing field.”
Indiana State Police show “a steady increase” for concealed carry permits throughout 2013, with a surge of requests in the third quarter.

A growing number of the people seeking guns amid the wave of home invasions are women. Indianapolis-area resident Annette Pierson spoke to RTV6 ABC and said she and her daughter-in-law have owned guns for while, but are now signing up for gun courses to be sure they can use them to defend their families in the event of an home invasion.
A recent Gallup poll shows that a clear majority of American gun owners–60 percent–cite self-defense as the main reason for having a firearm.

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  1. jcoles says:

    Good for those honest citizens!
    Boo-hiss to the bad guys.

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