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Posted: November 21, 2013 in The 2nd Amendment Issues, The Ignorant

Here is a great picture of the ignorance which Obama and the Marxists love to hear voiced through our nation. Don’t worry. The 2nd amendment is secure. No one wants to take your guns away. Well, you read this guest article and laugh, weep or merely get angry at such stupidity.

GUEST COLUMN: Second Amendment not so endangered

Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 3:10 pm

By Evelyn Swart | 0 comments

We live in a rapidly changing world with a rapidly growing population and exponentially changing technology. It is scary. It calls to mind another scary time during the Great Depression when people were frightened. At that time in his inaugural address, FDR made the statement, “All we have to fear is fear itself.”

Here we are in a very beautiful place in a very special country. We live among friendly people who care deeply for their families, their homes and their neighborhoods. Yet, many of us, even in this beautiful place, isolated as we are, are afraid because of the unfamiliarity caused by so many changes. These changes cause us to believe we are in danger, in danger of losing property or in danger of losing the comforts we enjoy. Such fear can lead to paranoia, a form of mental illness in which our fears become unrealistic and we develop an illusion of being in mortal danger.

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An outside of the county group is asking the Board of Commissioners to approve an ordinance that they say is needed to “bolster the Second Amendment.” They say it is necessary to prohibit local officials cooperating with the federal government in Second Amendment actions.

Rather than acting on an illusory sense of danger, we need to stop and think rationally and realistically. Instead of imagining such strange ideas as armored flanks of soldiers, tanks, airplanes, drones proceeding into Wallowa County to take away the guns and ammunitions owned by our residents, let’s get real, if only for a moment.

1.A majority of the population in the United States believes strongly in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. In this environment, no politician or group of politicians will be the least bit interested in weakening that Amendment.

Fearful people at the beginning of the present administration cried out that the government was going to “take our guns.” That fear was obviously misguided. Five years hence, not even a discussion of such action has occurred except among the fearful.

Changes in the Constitution of the United States are not easily made. In fact, it is very difficult and must be done according to specific rules set within the Constitution itself. When a change is made, it usually takes years and requires huge majorities. (See Article V.)

We have a problem. Too many people in our country are being shot and killed by guns. Regardless of whether people could be killed by knives, clubs, etc., too many are killed by guns.

2.Mentally ill people are obtaining guns and using them to shoot high numbers of people in malls, schools, theaters and other crowded places. In general, fear leads to a sense of isolation which leads to paranoia and mental illness.

If we can understand these facts, we ought to be able to realistically believe that it is silly to fight the windmill that we call “The Big Government” in regard to the Second Amendment. Instead we need to stand together as neighbors to oppose fear, because that fear can undermine the blessings we enjoy living in a beautiful place and experiencing the friendships we enjoy so much.

Evelyn Swart is a resident of Joseph


  1. jcoles says:

    Evelyn Swart is an air head.

  2. jcoles says:

    I know … just ask me — I’ll tell you it’s so! 🙂

    Hey, does anyone else comment on your posts?

    • Bo Perrin says:

      I have gathered that. Some do. I think most read the material without much comment. I do have a lot of people who forward portions of what I post like a story or an article I write. I have had the site up since Sept and I have 6200 hits so far with a couple of hundred comments. I am having fun.

      Did you read my second post about perimeter security? I tried to help people view security about obstacles by using my house and some suggestions. I have one lady who wants me to help her with security for a high rise apartment downtown Cleveland.

      • jcoles says:

        Honestly, I don’t remember if I read part 2 or not … send it again, please.

        Securing a downtown apt? Good luck with that, lady … what she needs is a bug out plan & a defensible place at least half a tank of gas away from town.

        If she drives, & if she can afford it, she should get a small house set atop a hill in a hilly, rough area … a small solar set up to power a shallow well, a few lights & an apt-size fridge. The place show have a working toilet but regular bathing facilities are a luxury.

        She should get a small bore tactical shotgun, a Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22 mag pistol … a tomahawk both as a hatchet & as a weapon. Then there’s all the usual stuff … dehydrated food, water purification, professional medical kit … and so on.

        Staying in that city is suicide if the urbans riot.

      • Bo Perrin says:

        Here is the address for the second part:

        Also here is the beginning of our discussion:

        Diana, I thought it would warm your heart to learn “we might be living in a future free kill zone.” It is the nature of the city and high rise apartments.

        Let me answer your last question first. I am certified in handgun and tactical shotgun instruction. I am also certified in Lethalo which is a hand-to-hand and knife fighting system which is very lethal. I am also certified in Home Defense training. If you want to look at the rest of my bio it is at

        Home Combatives Solutions is the name of my new business. My niche is training people to defend themselves properly in the event of a home invasion. But the training and philosophy extend to any close quarter combat situation. This is where you and the person shooting back is only about 30 feet from each other. The home invasion is a unique crime and I believe that many who deal with it do so incorrectly. So the answer to your question is I am.

        The city and especially high rise buildings pose significantly different problems for security than a home. Your options are determined by your access to resources. A city is well known for its ability to sprawl out of control becoming essentially lawless. In such a situation you will probably lose access to electricity, water, lights and the supposed protection of police. Gangs and people out of control will be roving the streets in large numbers looting, beating and murdering. With the exception of small side streets, the major arteries will be blocked from escaping (1) on foot by roving gangs and (2) in a vehicle due to cars burning or broken down. Since this is America you can expect weapons fire constantly as various gangs, police and maybe National Guard fight for control.

        A high rise apartment is not necessarily a safe haven. First, it will depend on how long the insurrection lasts. This will depend on whether the issue is localized or national. If it is localize it might be safer to stay put. To survive this situation you need:

        1) Three or four weeks of food. By food I mean nutrition bars and such. They need to be easily hid, small and give you energy. Even a short localized situation will cause many of your neighbors to go crazy. Many of them might use a weapon to ransack various apartments or condos. If you have the material well hid and if they force themselves in let them look around. Generally people like this will simply move on when they don’t find something. Another idea is to leave some food around for them to find and hopefully they will be happy and move on. Also it is possible that the government might decide to spread your wealth to others who do not have and may not even deserve. Hid them well.

        2) Water is the big issue. During a civil unrest expect not to have water service. You could fill up cups, bottles and the bathtub with clean water. Again, roving bands of bad guys, turncoat neighbors and government forces might attempt to confiscate your stash. Confiscation might be difficult. It could be that some of the bad guys might just empty the bottles and bathtub so that if they can’t have the water neither can you. If my wife and I run out of water I have a water purification system that will purify 1 million gals of water. But the system is useless if you can’t get water out of the facet.

        3) Security. Glass windows are not a real problem. Keep drapes over them and the lights out. Of course if you do not have any electricity the lights are no problem. So, if you have candles be careful where you light them. Do not allow them to illuminate anyone in the apartment. The door strength is a real issue. No matter how you improve the locking systems on the door it will still be possible for someone to break the door down. Most doors are hollow because they are less expensive and everyone is trying to cut costs. Even if you are armed this does not mean you will win a gun fight. Most people are not trained (1) to shoot in a fire fight, (2) operate a weapon under stress and (3) do not have the right shooting platform anyway. The number of insurgents you hit will be determined by all these factors. Most people ought to run, honestly, who own a gun if they can. Of course, here is real issue. If you overwhelmed with insurgents in a room in a high rise apartment you may have no option to be to fight to the death. Situations like these can turn nightmarish and I will not elaborate. But I would instruct my wife that he was caught in such a situation and I was home to fight to the death and take out as many as possible. It is better than being used a toy. Opps, I said I would not elaborate.

        4) The building. Living in a high rise building places you on a little island which the bad guys can isolate. The tenants will quickly lose control of the entrances and exists during civil unrest. Since all the equipment for heating and cooling are in the basement accessed from inside and outside the tenants will quickly lose control of these as well. Actually, all the bad guys have to do is simply sit and wait for the tenants to die.

        Retaking the building is a nightmare. Fighting stairway to stairway, room to room or bedroom to bathroom is beyond the pale of what most Americans are used to in bloodiness and viciousness. The tenants will probably lose such a fight because the bad guys will probably be better armed. It would be very easy to completely block the exists of a high rise will little manpower to keep the tenants bottled up. This type of fighting was the heart of the battle for Stalingrad during WW2. It drove both Soviet and German soldiers mad! There is no type of fighting like close quarter combat.

        Eventually, the longer the crisis continues the more desperate the people will get. Fear will increase, hunger will grow, thirst will become maddening and human filth will become unbearable with the stench. It could be some will try to get out only to be killed. Others may turn on the group and have to be controlled or eliminated. My point is that this is a really worse case scenario. You will notice that you have little control of what happens with the building. It is the one issue over which you have almost no control.

        There are only three possible avenues of escape:

        1) You bug out at the first sign of a real civil disturbance. But this is difficult to foresee because so many little issues can flame into a full civil disorder quickly. 2) You caught flat footed but are rescued by police or military units in the area. 3) You are able to sneak out during the conflict. I think at this point there would be only two routes. You can possible sneak through the back roads hiding in homes or cars as you go. Or you could use the sewer system. In the early part of any conflict the sewer systems are usually not a priority as securing the upper levels of the street and infrastructure. But this opening would demand (1) everyone working as a team, (2) a fortuitous opening and (3) weapons.

        What if it is a national issue? All of this is meaningless because what it is based on is a limited localized insurrection. In such a case the national infrastructure is still intact and help is pouring in. In a national civil unrest this is happening in every major city in the US and all national and state resources are focused on defeating the criminals rather than rescuing those in need. In a localized situation you can still rely on help coming to a point but if it is nationalized you are on your own.

        I hope this helps a bit. I can go into greater detail if you like but I did not want to overwhelm with warming feels for your situation! 🙂

  3. It has come to my attention that it is now a felony in the state of Ohio to have a hidden compartment in your vehicle. I understand the sentiments of the law but still find it a gross infringement on our civil rights. If you have a hidden compartment for weapons you are now a FELON.

    As of yesterday the Ohio State Patrol arrested a man in Lorain after they found an empty concealed compartment in his vehicle. He is being charged with a felony.

    This is outrageous.
    Steven M Merrick
    Wadsworth, Oh 44281

    I have sent a letter containing the content above to my House and Senate Reps.

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