Insurgent Arrested

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Home Invasion Stories, Insurgent Arrested

A new arrest Saturday night in connection with a home invasion that happened on Spring Mill Road on October 24h.

Metro police arrested 21-year-old Demetre Brown at his east side home on North Audubon Road.

He’s one of four men accused of kicking-in the door to a couple’s home tying them up and stealing televisions, gaming systems, cash, jewelry, and a car.

While police aren’t linking Brown’s arrest to another home invasion last week off East 79th Street. They do believe two men in custody for that crime also played a role in the Spring Mill attack.

Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline dug into the suspects’ past and found a long history of crime and violence.

Police say the home invasion at a North side home near 79th and College last week was one of the most violent they’ve seen in years. According to detectives, four to five men broke into the home Tuesday morning and terrorized a husband and wife in their 50’s and their 22-year-old daughter.

According to the report, the armed men stole cash, keys and cars-shot the mother in the leg and sexually assaulted both women.

Alexander Dupree was the first to be arrested. He’s 23 with a wrap sheet stemming back to 2005 when he was involved in a school fight at North Central High School, he was 15. From there, drinking and driving, robbery, gun possession, drug possession and domestic violence arrests followed before the latest arrest last week preliminarily charging him with several things including rape, robbery and criminal confinement.

Michael Pugh was arrested with Dupree for illegal gun possession at the time of the arrest but police have not connected him to the case.

Then, there’s Trae Spells. The youngest of the group at 18, he has the shortest record. He was arrested for child molestation in 2010.

We spoke to his grandmother, who’s helped raise him since he was three after his father was murdered. She was overcome with emotion about what her grandson was accused of.

“I went through a battleship raising him making sure knowing since his father wasn’t here that he was always loved and that his father loved him as well. I can only imagine the fear that these people went through–oh Jesus!,” she said.

It’s a haunting case for all involved and police believe there are more suspects out there and encourage them to turn themselves in immediately.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about any of the recent home invasions in our area to come forward.

Call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.



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