Automatic Suspension of 2nd Amendment Rights

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Automatic Suspension of 2A Rights, The 2nd Amendment Issues

Automatic suspension of 2nd Amendment Rights

Posted on November 9, 2013 by 

Connecticut has made it less likely people will seek mental health treatment (emphasis added):

On October 1st the Connecticut State Legislature’s reactionary response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school went into effect. Public Act No. 13-3 requires all people that voluntarily admit to a hospital for mental health reasons (not solely for drug or alcohol treatment) have their names placed in a database administered by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services – for the purpose of automatic suspension of Second Amendment rights. This database will link with a database held by the state police that includes all gun permit holders, registered gun owners and anyone who has applied for a gun permit. If there is a “match” between the two databases a letter will go out informing the individual that their Second Amendment rights have been suspended (letter below). Although you will not receive a letter from the state police, if you are not a “match” you will be notified of your name being put in the database and of the suspension of Second Amendment rights sometime after voluntary admission. The law does not require notice be given to people prior to admitting themselves into a hospital.


Second Amendment rights are not granted by the state of Connecticut. It is not within their enumerated power to suspend them without due process. They can no more legally suspend Second Amendment rights than they can First, Third, Fourth, or Fifth Amendment rights. These people should be prosecuted.

H/T To Andrew T. from the gun email list at work


  1. jcoles says:

    Good lord, this is totally wrong!

    Do you know if the law is being challenged in court?

    I can see suspending the 2A rights of a violent mentally disturbed person who has been involuntarily committed by court order, but slamming people who voluntarily seek help is crazy-wrong.

    This will backfire on the legislature … once word of this gets out people who need & want help will not seek treatment … many will get sicker & some will go over the violent edge — resulting in more tragedy …

    I know who is insane in Connecticut … the legislature.

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