Sheriff Acquitted In Second Amendment Case

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Sheriff Acquitted In Second Amendment Case, The 2nd Amendment Issues

Sheriff acquitted in Second Amendment release
November 1, 2013 | By St Augustine

400-SHERIFF-NICK-FINCHSheriff Nick Finch spoke to Historic City News yesterday from the steps of the Liberty County Courthouse, where he was joined by his wife, Angela, and 16-year-old daughter, Amber. Finch was acquitted of allegations that he improperly freed a concealed-weapons suspect whom he decided was just exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

On March 3 of this year, 58-year-old Floyd Parrish was pulled over on a rural road by former Liberty County Deputy, Jody Hoagland. Parrish was searched, and Hoagland discovered a small pistol in the man’s pocket. Parrish said he forgot he had the gun when he drove to his brother’s home on an errand. Hoagland arrested Parrish and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon; a felony in Florida.

“Sheriff Finch came to the jail on Friday evening to talk with me,” Parrish testified during the trial. “The sheriff advised me to get a concealed weapon permit if I wanted to carry my gun — then he sent me home with my brothers.”

When he heard that Parrish had been released by the sheriff, Deputy Hoagland went to the office the next day and retrieved his own copy of the arrest affidavit; which he told the jury he sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Finch was a deputy for two years in Liberty County and worked for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation as an investigator, before defeating former Sheriff Donnie Conyers last year.

Defense attorney Jimmy Judkins of Tallahassee successfully argued that the sheriff “had no corrupt purpose” and got no reward for releasing Parrish from the jail. Judkins said computer records still existed, although the jail log had been “whited out” — and, the original copy of the arrest affidavit was gone.

Finch denied deleting Parrish’s name from the police blotter or disposing of the file. Campbell argued that no one else had access to the documents.

“After I testified, I felt really good about it because the jury was very attentive,” Sheriff Finch said. “That jury knows that I was telling them the truth.” After hearing the testimony, the six-member jury was out little more than an hour for deliberation then published their verdict to the court.

State Attorney Willie Meggs said, “We’re disappointed” by the verdict. He and Assistant State Attorney Jack Campbell, who handled the prosecution, maintained that Finch illegally altered jail and court documents to erase records of Parrish being at the jail.

Historic City News was informed today that, as soon as his four-day trial had ended, Sheriff Finch grabbed his cellphone and left a voice message for Governor Rick Scott; requesting reinstatement to the job he won in a bitterly contested election last November.

“Sheriff Nick Finch will be reinstated immediately,” Scott told the press a few hours later. “I would like to thank the members of the jury in Liberty County for their service in this trial. I would also like to thank interim Sheriff Buddy Money for his service to the State of Florida.”

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Bill Cotterell, Florida Current

  1. jcoles says:

    So long as the Sheriff didn’t actually alter legal documents he was:

    a. Completely within his authority to not continue the arrest;

    b. Completely correct in allowing the man to exercise his 2-A rights;

    c. A stand-up guy doing the right thing.

    Justice was served here.

  2. jcoles says:

    Good Sunday morning, Bo. How’s tricks in the ‘frozen North’?

    The anti-gunners are all pissing down their legs in panic because most folks now outright reject their stupid, emotional arguments.

    As you know, I favor having no gun laws at all …that will never happen, of course, but everyone — even bad guys — should have the option to own/carry whatever heat they want.

    We know that nearly all bad guys are cowards who go after easy prey only … studies show very clearly that if there’s doubt in the predator’s mind about his safety he’ll move on to another, weaker-looking target.

    I was up in Montgomery on Thursday afternoon … we went first Bass Pro looking for some camping gear, then we went to Sam’s Club to get steaks … out in the Sam’s parking lot we were blocked from our car by a group of eight Black toughs … big fellas with wild hair & tattooes.

    One of them walked over to our cart, ogled the box of steaks, then put his hands on the handle as if to take it from my wife … I backed up three paces to give me some distance from the thugs then I lifted my windbreaker enough to show, and give me easy access to my Ruger P-90 .45.

    One of the fuckers saw my piece, pointed & they all backed away right-quick.

    I’m small (5-8, 160 lbs) old & gray looking … my wife is slight of build. These assholes thought we’d be easy prey. We’re not. They got the message loud & clear and departed post-haste.

    My wife put the steaks in the trunk while I stood guard then we went back inside, got hold of Sam’s security, reported the incident … police showed up … I showed my carry permit … end of incident for us.

    I talked w/the security man who was looking at parking lot video with a cop next to him … these creeps had hit several other older White customers — taken their stuff or taken money from them … the police then went looking for the cars those creeps had used — three cars — all with the ‘ethnic trim package’ … it seems odd to me that no one had reported these strong arm robberies but us …

    Montgomery is a racial city … the racial atmosphere there is toxic … I guess some folks up there just figure being hassled/robbed by Black thugs is the price they must pay now to live there.

    Not me.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Its getting colder! Wow. I am glad first of all that you and your wife are safe. I am glad you were carrying. I guess the only regret is that they did not push your hand and now they are free to rob and maybe harm other whites.

      I have only been to Montgomery for some schooling so I don’t know much about the area. But I simply could never live accepting being accosted or worst by anyone as a part of the price one must pay to live anywhere. Thanks for letting me know.

      • jcoles says:

        The cops will be able to ID those jerks … faces & plate numbers were very clear on the security video.

        If the cops actually do get them I will sign a complaint & testify against them. I’m not afraid … wary, yes; armed always … very seldom feel like I’m in danger … I would have dropped them all, if necessary (my P-90 is a 7±1, plus two extra mags on belt)…

        I like living out here in the woods & really don’t like going to cities at all anymore … & that amazes me because I used to love city life … but no more … too many walking trash in them now.

      • Bo Perrin says:

        I grew up in Los Angeles County. I was too young to remember the Watts riots but was armed and guarding my parents home during the King riots. The larger cities are bastions of progressive stupidity, moral decadence and human waste who demand others support them. At the moment I live in a suburb of Akron, Uniontown. It is a quiet little place and not much goes one really. Nevertheless, over the last year I have notice more and more minorities especially blacks moving into the area. It seems there is an expansion from Akron, the larger city, toward us and that does not bode well. It is sad to say nevertheless, it is true. Last night I talked with the congregation I work with about black on white crime. I mentioned your episode and talked with them how the media is covering the issue up. I am trying to get them to take stronger steps to protection themselves and families. We will see how it goes.

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