2 Years Jail For Empty Shell

Posted: October 26, 2013 in 2 Years Jail For Empty Shell, The 2nd Amendment Issues

SAY WHAT: Man Faces 2 Years In Jail For Possession Of Single Shotgun Shell
By GJWHG / 26 October 2013 / 3 Comments

November 4th is judgment day for Mark Witaschek who faces two years in the pokey for having a shotgun shell and a spent rifle round in his home.

Impossible? The successful businessman lives in Washington D.C. where possession of ammo, which includes spent shells, is illegal for anyone who is not a registered gun owner.

The problems for Mr. Witaschek began back in 2012 when his ex-wife filed for a restraining order. She convinced a court clerk to issue a temporary restraining order because she said he threatened her with a gun. A judge later ruled that the claim was without merit.

Based on accusations made by Witaschek’s ex-wife, a gun recovery unit visited his house. Feeling he had nothing to hide, he allowed them to search his house.

They found and confiscated a Civil War-era Colt revolver even though it is an antique and completely legal to own without registration. The cops also took a box of .40 caliber ammunition, but did not charge him at the time.

One month later on June 7th a 30-man SWAT team showed up at Witaschek’s house with a search warrant. They pointed guns at him and his girlfriend, forced them to the floor and cuffed them.

Witaschek’s teenage son was in the shower at the time of the raid. The cops used a battering ram to take down the bathroom door and pull the son out completely naked. All four of Witaschek’s children were herded into a room crying.

Read more at http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2013/10/say-man-faces-2-years-jail-possession-single-shotgun-shell/#kGPvguHQZHO0GB3i.99

  1. jcoles says:

    Yeah, I read about this in another blog .-. Crazy.

    A couple of things need to happen: the ‘Violence Against Women Act’ needs to be repealed or seriously modified. The Lautenberg Amendment (and its revisions) need to be repealed in banc.

    All state laws that allow a woman to get a restraining order against mate/boyfriend without witness affidavit or other binding proof must be repealed.

    State legislatures must assert control of all gun related matters so that subordinate jurisdictions cannot pass laws/regs that are stricter than state law.

    Finally, the police must be defanged .-. Their official immunity must be lifted so cops can be held personally liable for their official actions; police agencies must be forbidden to have full auto weapons, police agencies must be forbidden to possess military type vehicles & equipment .-.

    As for this poor f***er, injustice done has a name — Witaschek. He’s screwed .-. There is no hope for him in the short run. If he has the resources he will prevail at the appellate level but if he’s like most people he can’t buy enough legal support to get justice.

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