4th Insurgent Convicted In Deadly Home Invasion

Posted: October 12, 2013 in 4th Insurgent Convicted In Deadly Home Invasion, Home Invasion Stories

Jury Convicts Fourth Man in Deadly Home Invasion FAIRFIELD, Ohio (WKRC) —


One day after a jury convicts a man in a deadly home invasion a new trial begins for a co-conspirator. Jerry Eacholes will be sentenced later this month for his role in the murder, burglary and robbery of Julian Slaven. Slaven was found shot to death inside his home on Judy Drive in 2012. Police charged five people in the crime.  Three have already pleaded guilty. Jury selection began today in the trial of the fifth suspect, Christia Frymire.  Prosecutors expect her trial to last two and a half days.

Read More at: http://www.local12.com/template/cgi-bin/archived.pl?type=basic&file=/news/features/top-stories/stories/archive/2013/10/jAi9a5kL.xml#.UlmWRFBEIr4


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