Veterans Views On 2nd Amendment

Posted: October 5, 2013 in The 2nd Amendment Issues

In the Avengers Loki is in Stuttgart Germany claiming that a human being kneeling in subjection to another is what we are created for. In the midst of the mostly young crowd an old German stands up and says, not to men like you. Loki said, “There are no men like me.” To which the unnamed German states, “There are always men like you.” To this German’s response Loki points his glow stick of destiny and says, “People, look to your elders.” This article fits the statement “People look to your elders” and learn from them why gun control is (1) controlling the guns that government possesses and (2) the people possesses the same types of weapons as does the government.


Reader looks to veterans’ for gun control answers

Hunched and slow-moving, but still walking without a cane at 89 years old, the old man tenderly lifted his rifle from his gun safe. Keeping it aimed upward, he inspected its parts carefully as he talked about its importance to him. He received it as a 13th birthday present, immediately took a gun safety course, and then practiced on the rattle snakes that had overrun his mother’s garden.

“Speaking of rattlesnakes, they’re a lot like guns in my opinion,” he pondered as he set the 22-gauge back in the safe. “I don’t fear either of ‘em, but I sure as hell respect ‘em. I don’t get reckless with the business end of a gun or the business end of a rattlesnake.”

After the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012, it seems as though everyone has a sudden dedication to either one side of the gun control debate or the other. Billy Harrison, a World War II veteran, is one of them.

In light of the public cry for increased government regulation of gun sales, veterans like Harrison have a lot to say in defense of a defining freedom  limited government interference with the Second Amendment.

However, it is not Harrison’s 22-gauge that is under significant reform fire. When asked his opinion on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which congressional proposals define as magazines holding more than 10 rounds, Harrison immediately reflected on his wartime past.

“I want every weapon the government has.” Pushing the safe door closed and spinning the great gold dial that keeps his rifles safely locked away, Harrison continued with a note of severity in his voice, “Believe me, I have seen what a tyrannical government can do. If they get to have guns like that, then I want to have guns like that.”

The terror that was Adolf Hitler not a lifetime ago is deeply imprinted on Harrison’s memory, and he fears that the reason reform efforts are moving in the direction of more federal control on “assault weapons” is because those people with that memory are dying off. “People need to experience something like Hitler to understand. Young people today haven’t seen that. So, of course, they call us kooks and say it’s outdated thinking.”

According to the Congressional Digest, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 had outlawed these high-capacity magazines, but the law was allowed to expire in 2004, due to the act’s sunset provision. The Obama administration, in the March edition of the Congressional Digest, proposed that this law be reinstated.

Wesley Peller, a Korean War veteran, responded to these provisions. “Guns of all types are taking a bad rap for the government’s failure to provide the mentally disturbed with the help they need,” he said disappointingly.

All veterans interviewed noted a deadly combination of this lack with our glorified gun culture. It is so deadly, they said, that stricter regulation would be detrimental to social stability.

“Criminals, by definition, break laws,” Harrison said exasperated. “So, there is no doubt the criminally insane will find a way to get the guns they want, regardless of where the White House draws the line. The only people they are disarming are the law-abiding citizens.”

Looking beyond our borders, there is a country with much stricter gun laws than the U.S. There is only one legal gun store and approval to purchase takes months. The only people that can buy military-style weapons, including semi-automatic rifles, are those in the military and the police. All other citizens are limited to small-caliber hunting rifles that cannot be carried in public.

That country is Mexico. Clearly, strict regulations don’t necessarily translate to fewer guns or less violence. Despite their efforts at “crackdowns,” the government and police have been so internally corrupted that only innocent civilians are affected.

For Harrison, Mexico’s gun laws limiting military-style weapons exclusively to the military sound terrifyingly similar to today’s legislative proposals. “Just because we live in the U.S. doesn’t mean our government officials are any less likely to become corrupted,” said Harrison.

Dan Wallace, a Cold War veteran, laughed when asked about a bill from Florida proposing that those who purchase ammunition complete an anger management course. “Come on, the criminally insane don’t go through anger management,” said Wallace. “It’s a knee-jerk response to think laws are the solution,” said Wallace. “It’s an easy way out of a much bigger problem.”

“Guess we’ll just have to wait to see how this mess pans out,” Harrison shrugged. “But I’ll tell you one thing: If I was a little bit younger and in that movie theater in Colorado, that monster wouldn’t have killed as many people as he did, because I would’ve shot him dead. I’ve got a permit to carry.”

Source: Napa Valley Register

  1. jColes says:

    You know what I have, so you know how I feel about this issue. Not only should we have what the government & fuzz have we should have better than they have.

  2. Bo Perrin says:

    It only makes good sense doesn’t it? If the 2nd amendment is to provide the people (militia) the means to control a tyrannical government then we ought to at least possess the same weapons as our adversary. Yes, I do know what you have and I can only hope no one is stupid to find out on their own!

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