We Need Second Amendment

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Commentaries, We Need Second Amendment

We need Second Amendment

October 02, 2013 8:46 am
Yes, even after the recent batch of gun shootings, we still need the Second Amendment, even more now.

Obama and all the anti-gun nuts seem to forget about our Constitution, but that’s their downfall. They not only don’t like the Second Amendment, they act as if I were talking about the Satanic Bible.

The only thing that keeps this great nation from completely going over to a dictatorship is the Constitution, period. Our forefathers wrote this sacred document for a reason, so that everyone would be protected from dictators and power hungry people who, if they had their way, would have all living under a Marxist government.

Back to the Second Amendment. Read what it says. It does not say anything about only the powers that be have the right to keep arms. Read the definition of the world “militia.” It says any group of armed men (Americans other than regular military groups, such as the Army, National Guard, or any such government group). For years the liberals tried to hide behind the excuse that the world militia meant the National Guard; that was their excuse. Maybe liberals should try reading and stop changing the meaning of our Constitution. Some schools around the nation have changed the wording of our most sacred document, all in a hope that people will buy their ploy.

Every time some person goes on one of these shooting sprees, after the fact, almost every time, that person has had mental issues. But because of the stupid ruling, anything a patient tells his doctor is somehow sacred and private. Then there is the issue of the liberal media outright distorting the facts in the events. They almost always point to key words, such as, AR-15 type, or full-auto, or other such mumbo-jumbo. Many of these reports are completely wrong.

We are free in this country only because we have a Constitution which provides our right to speak out, assemble to protest, and yes, keep and bear arms, not to mention all of the other rights that the Constitution provides us.

Once our leaders start trying to claim that the Constitution is nice but “outdated” we should start being very watchful. God bless this country and our sacred Constitution.

Roger Wilson

Source: The World Link

  1. jColes says:

    The Constitution does not give us rights — that document enumerates and provides protections for our natural rights, as given to us by The Creator.
    The Founders and Framers thought of government as a necessary evil, and one which must be closely controlled because all government eventually seeks to become the supreme force over the lands its rules; and that is the basic definition of tyranny. Whether an oppressive government is controlled by one man — as in a dictatorship — or by a group (oligarchy) it must become oppressive and tyrannical to sustain either of those forms of governance or rule over its subjects.
    The F&F understood these things and left to the people two means of controlling the central government — first, the right to keep and bear arms against tyranny; and secondly, a means to amend the Constitution in a way that wrests power from a corrupted Congress (note: the Article V amendment process is based on the notion that a corrupted Congress will not willingly allow amendments that reduce their power and access to wealth & power so the people via their state governments have the legal — and I say moral — obligation to act when necessary in this regard.
    The only mistake the F&F made in forming the Bill of Rights was to make each of the eight rights amendments ‘regulatable by law’ (1 USC) … had they made the wording in the 2nd A an unfettered right today’s politicians would be much more constrained and restrained.
    Nonetheless, we don’t need a new 2nd A — the one we have now is just fine … what we must do is elect conservative Liberatarian-minded people to Congress and statehouses who will roll back and repeal the 12,000 Federal & state anti-natural right to liberty laws now on the books.

  2. Bo Perrin says:

    Hi Jim. I agree. I have found it incredibly difficult to get people to see the FACT that we do not have Constitutional rights. It is mind numbing how many so-called Constitutionists believe in Constitutional rights. It can be infuriating. Thanks for the comment.

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