Clearing Your House

Posted: October 3, 2013 in A Combative Insight, Clearing Your House
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There are two forms a home invasion can take. In one form you come home to find the front door ajar. The other form is you are in the house either awake say watching TV or asleep when insurgents invade.

Both forms are incredibly scary and dangerous. While each has differences from the other, in both cases it may be necessary to clear your house. In the first form you have the option of calling the police or Sheriff rather than putting yourself in danger. In the second you have the option to hide in a safe room hopefully armed to protect your family while calling the police or Sheriff.

But many patriots refuse to depend on the police or Sheriff especially in the second form because the time it takes the authorities to respond could mean the life or death of one’s family.  The majority of specialists generally agree one the methodology to clear a house so there is not a lot of differences.

Nevertheless, to clear a house takes skill in the proper methods of approaching a door way, a hall, etc. In some cases, there is no generally accepted means of clearing a portion of the house because of its difficulty. The stairs to the basement is one example. In my house the stairs to the basement are lodged between two walls which can easily be perforated by a round.

For those who want to learn how to properly clear a house here is a document which provides some great insight.

Clearing Your House With A Firearm

  1. jcoles says:

    The article didn’t come up.
    But successful home defense/room clearing depends on:
    1. Attitude — never defensive … always aggressive w/intent to cause maximum harm to intruders.
    2. Knowledge of structure — not just layout but structural elements.
    3. Weapons/ammo supply — should be quickly at-hand and capable of overkill in just about any situation.
    4. State law — know limits on use of force in home defense … ignore them if situation warrants but in most states saving your life could put a person at legal peril if you go too far; for example: shooting the invader five times when two will do the job. Legal home defense often depends

  2. jcoles says:

    Part 2
    Your site glitched & wouldn’t take the last sentence … here it is:
    Legal home defense often depends upon the attitude of local cop leadership & the DA … if life is valuable to the home defender it is necessary to be politically active & support/elect only pro-freedom government candidates …

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