7 Home Invasions

Posted: October 3, 2013 in 7 Home Invasions, Home Invasion Stories

South Haven Police Investigating Multiple Home Invasions

police-lights SOUTH HAVEN Mich. – The South Haven Police Department  is investigating  at least 7 breaking and entering/Home Invasions that have occurred since August 28. According to police the incidents have taken place in the area south of Phoenix St. to South Haven Place and east of Broadway to Cherry St. The South Haven Police is requesting residents to lock all doors and windows and be on the look out for suspicious activities during the early morning hours.

Read more: http://fox17online.com/2013/10/01/south-haven-police-investigating-multiple-home-invasions/#ixzz2gfXNYsXO

  1. jColes says:

    Ever heard of a ‘pungi board’? They’re real effective at keeping creeps from entering windows and side doors … easy to make, too: a five-foot long 1×8 board with four-inch 20-penny nails driven through at two-inch intervals … step on it and get punched through multiple times on the foot or hand … a right-ugly anti-intrusion device.
    If enough people took this kind of precaution home break-ins would decline rather quickly.

  2. Bo Perrin says:

    That is a great idea. I saw an advertisement for a book whose subject matter was boobytraps for the home. The advertisement was about using pungi sticks to protect the entrances to the house. Of course, the whimps in society who believe that the insurgent ought to be given the benefit of the doubt and not harmed unnecessarily during his invasion would have a heart attack over such an effective defense.

  3. jColes says:

    This is slightly off topic but … I have a friend who lives in Nairobi in a high rise luxury building. He’s Kenyan but US educated and a very successful engineer.
    He drives an Audi A-7 — bright red and loaded with every option … a very cool car.
    His building has a fenced, guarded parking area but thieves still got in and they screwed his car up — he had to send it Italy for repair … and he was pissed.
    So during the repairs he had anti-theft devices added … one I thought was particularly useful and kewl: a 250 dB ultra-high frequency amp & horn installed INSIDE the car … here’s how it works:
    when the door is opened with anything other than the remote key the system is armed. If the ignition or stereo are tampered with in any way the doors lock electrically and cannot be opened without the remote key … the alarm comes on full power … there is so much energy that a 30 second exposure causes blindness, deafness, capillary destruction in the head … one minute exposure results in death.
    Not at all messy, can’t be heard from outside and infallible as it has its own power supply just in case the thieves cut the battery cables …
    Last I heard he had taken out four of the creeps.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Now, that sounds like an awesome device. When you say he has “taken” out four creeps, how do you define the word “taken?”

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