Congress Should Make Gun Control Priority

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Commentaries, Congress Should Make Gun Control Priority

Don’t you love it when a liberal speaks “for the American people?” It is amazing how often those who don’t agree with liberals do according to liberals.

Congress should make gun control a priority

September 24, 2013

Front-page news in The Morning Call Thursday is the Republican Party’s vow (again) to shut down the government to keep Obamacare from being implemented, stating they are “doing what the American people are asking us to do.” I doubt the people want the government shut down for any reason.

Polls have indicated the American people are about evenly split in their opinions on health care, and no one knows for sure yet how it will work.

But the Town Square page is filled with letters about gun control, or the lack of, and we know that the majority of Americans are in favor of it. And day by day, we know exactly how our present system works, with continuous reports of shootings and killings in our neighborhoods, as well as around the country. Where is the GOP outrage about this? When one of seven Americans is hungry, why are there no loud GOP voices calling for drastic change?

The American people are sick and tired of policies that take away from the most vulnerable among us. If the GOP is so eager to follow the “will of the people,” why choose Obamacare to take a stand when the people’s will is for gun control?

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